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What muscle covers the bulb of the penis?

Bulbospongiosus m.


Bulbospongiosus m: OIIA?

O: Perineal body
I: Goes around bulb or vesticule

I: Deep branch of perineal n. from pudendal n.
A: Male: compresses bulb of penis, forces blood into body of penis during erection, removes urine from urethra and semen during ejaculation
Female : constricts vaginal orifice, assists in expressing secretions of greater vestibular gland, forces blood into body of clitoris


Ischiocavernosus m: OIIA?

O: Ischium
I: Crus of penis or clitoris

I: Deep branch of perineal n. from pudendal n.
A: Forces blood into penis and clitoris during erection


Superficial transverse perineal m: OIIA?

O: Ischial rami
I: Perineal body

I: Perineal branches of pudendal n.
A: Stabilizes central tendon


Cremaster m: OIIA?

O: Internal oblique and inguinal ligament
I: Pubis

I: Genital branch of genitofemoral n.
A: Retracts testicle


External anal sphincter: OIIA?

O: Tip of coccyx, anococcygeal ligament
I: Deeper fibers surround anal canal, attach posteriorly to coccyx and anteriorly to central point of perineum

I: Perineal and inferior rectal branches of pudendal nerve
A: Closes anal orifice


What artery generally supplies the perineum?

Internal pudendal a.


What nerve generally supplies the perineum?

Pudendal n.


In order to perform a pudendal nerve block, what should you locate?
Why would you do this?

- Ischial spine
- Childbirth or surgery, etc.


Are the crura (2x crus) part of the cavernosa or spongiosum?

Corpus cavernosum


To divide the perineum into 2 triangle, draw a line b/w the _________________.

Ischial tubersities


What runs b/w the sacrum/coccyx to the ischial tuberosity?
Which triangle is it a part of?

- Sacrotuberous ligament
- Anal triangle


Between what 2 layers is the superficial pouch located?

B/w colle's fascia and inferior fascia of the UG diaphragm


*What are the mm. of the superficial pouch?
*What else is in there?

- Ischiocavernosus m.
- Bulbospongiosus m.
- Superficial transverse perineus m.
- External anal sphincter m.

- Vestibular glands (females only!)
- Crura and bulb
- Some of neurovascular bundle
- Perineal body


What is the deepest part of the superficial pouch called, (just after the pouch ends)?

Inferior fascia of the UG diaphragm AKA perineal membrane


What pierces the inferior fascia of the UG diaphragm?

- Urethra
- Vagina (females only)


By stripping off the inferior fascia of the UG diaphragm we expose what layer?

The deep pouch


*What are the mm. of the deep pouch?
*What else is in there?

- Deep transverse perineus m.
- Sphincter urethra m.

- Bulbourethral glands AKA Cowper's glands (male only!)
- Vagina, urethra


What is the most superior structure of the perineum, which is exposed after we remove the deep pouch?

Superior fascia of the UG diaphragm


What main branches does the internal pudendal a. give off in the perineum?

(at least know the first 2)
- Inferior rectal a.
- Perineal a.
- Dorsal a. of the penis/clitoris
- Deep a. of the penis/clitoris


Sphincter urethrae m: OIIA?

O: External fibers from junction of inferior pubic and ischial rami and adjacent fascia; internal fibers pass medially to surround membranous urethra
I: Male: median raphe in front and behind urethra. Female: encloses urethra, attaches to sides of vagina

I: Perineal branches of pudendal nerve
A: Compresses urethra at end of micturition; in female also compresses the distal vagina


Deep transverse perineal m: OIIA?

O: Ischium
I: Male: medial tendinous raphe and perineal body. Female: sides of vagina

I: Perineal branches of pudendal nerve
A: Stabilizes perineal body, supports prostate/vagina


What is the most important branch of the pudendal n. in the perineum?
What roots does the pudendal n. come from?

- Perineal n.
- S2, S3, S4


What is unique about the bulb in females?

It is split open by the vagina


What aa. do the monkey's eyes consist of?

Deep artery of penis (from internal pudendal a.)


*Where does the superior rectal a. originate from?

- Anterior division of internal iliac a.
- Internal pudendal a. (off same ant division)


Injury to the pelvis that damages the urethra is know as __________________.

A "straddle injury"


What are the names of the parts of the urethra in males?

(0. Preprostatic)
1. Prostatic
2. Membranous
3. Spongy


How could damage to the spongy urethra (e.g. in straddle injury) be problematic in males?

Blood or urine could flow up to the potential space b/w the rectus sheath and Scarpa's fascia to just below the navel


An obstetrician has to perform an episiotomy on a birthing mother due to the large head of her Lithuanian baby. What midline structure would she prefer not to cut?

A) Crus
B) Ishiorectal fat
C) Superficial transverse perineal m.
D) Perineal body
E) Deep transverse perineal muscle

D) Perineal body

Will therefore perform a medio-lateral episiotomy