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Name the live attenuated vaccines:

*all others are non-live (toxoid, subunit, conjugate, inactivated) vaccines

  • polio (oral)
  • measles/mumps/rubella
  • rotavirus
  • influenza (intranasal)
  • yellow fever
  • varicella zoster


What is a bacteria that is a gram positive rod with tumbling motility that can cause meningitis in immunocompromised people?

Listeria. Grows well in cool temperatures and can grow on refrigerated food. Transmitted through eating these contaminated foods. 



Name some diseases transmitted by arthropod bites, and the corresponding arthropod

  • Leishmaniasis (Sandfly bite)
  • Plasmodium/malaria (Anopheles mosquito bite)
  • Chagas disease (Reduviid bug bite)
  • Borrelia burgdorferi/Lyme disease (Ixodes tick bite)


what is a common virulence factor of some microbes that is used to make non-live vaccines?

  • capsular polysaccharide


what are the 2 types of meningitis vaccines?

  • quadrivalent conjugate vaccine: Capsular polysaccharide antigens (from serotypes A, C, Y, and W) of N meningitidis are fused to a diptheroid toxin carrier, which presents MHC to T cells and provides a stronger response
  • serotype B- uses recombinant proteins