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where does the right subclavian artery originate from?

the brachiocephalic trunk


where does the left subclavian artery originate from?

arch of aorta


what is the route of the vertebral artery?

goes through the transverse foramina of C6-C1
passthrough foramen magnum
unites with other vertebral artery to form basilar artery


where does the subclavian artery become the axillary artery?

the lateral border of the first rib


where does the axillary artery become the brachial artery?

at the inferior border of teres major


what are the main branches of the brachial artery

profunda brachii
superior ulnar collateral artery
inferior ulnar collateral artery


what does the brachial artery bifurcate into?

the radial and ulnar arteries


how is blood flow ensured to the forearm even if elbow is fully flexed?

Peri-articular anastamoses = network of anastomoses of brachial and profound brachia arteries in the arm with radial and ulnar arteries in the forearm
ensures blood flow to the forearm even if elbow is fully flexed


what does the radial artery supply?

supplies the anterolateral aspect of the forearm including flexors and extensors


what does the ulnar artery supply?

medial side of forearm mainly flexors and pronators - gives off common interosseous artery near its origin


where do you palpate the axillary artery?

against the humerus


which pulse do you palpate in the cubital fossa?

the brachial pulse


where do you palpate radial and ulnar pulse?

at the wrist
radial - by thumb
ulnar - by pinky


which artery can be palpated in the anatomical snuff box?

the radial artery


what is the venous drainage of the hand?

the dorsal venous arch - which receives blood from the digits


where does the dorsal venous arch drain?

into the cephalic and basilica vein


where does the cephalic vein run?

along the lateral side of the forearm and drains into axillary vein


where does the basilic vein drain?

along medial side of forearm
- receives median cubital vein drainage
it joins with the deep veins to form the axillary vein


what forms the axillary vein?

the union of basilica vein and brachial venue comitantes


when does the axillary vein become the subclavian vein

after it passes under the clavicle


where does the subclavian vein drain?

into the internal jugular into form brachiocephalic veins which join and form the vena cava