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What is a virus?

A virus is an obligate intracellular paracite that replicates by self assembly of individual components rather than binary fission


Can a virus make energy or proteins independent from the host cell ?



Describe the viral genome

It can be double or single stranded stranded DNA or RNA but not both


How are viruses categorized ?

By the physical and biochemical composition of the virus particle or Viron


What is the viral genome packaged into ?

A Capsid which can be helical, icosahedral/spherical, or complex


What is a nucleocapsid?

The viral genome inside the capsid chell.


What are the orientations of the viral RNA genomes ?

+ RNA genomes are the same sense as mRNA and can be directly translated to protein. - RNA are anti-sense and ue be first transcribed into sence strand. Some viral RNA can be