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How can a virus enter the body?

skin, genital tract, respiratory tract


Describe how a virus enters the body

Virus envelope fuses with the plasma membrane of the host cell. The viral nuclear material is then released into the host cell


Describe the self assembly of a virus

The viral proteins form a viral coat, which forms around the genome. The capsids then assemble and a virus is formed


Describe the replication of a virus

A virus attaches and enters a host cell. The virus takes over the host cells metabolism, and protein translocation on ribsosomes occurs.The virus then forms, and is released by either budding or cell apoptosis


Why does a virus require a host cell

To make copies of the virus' genetic material and to supply the enzymed needed for replication


Give an example of a virus that causes pneumonia

Adenovirus and influenza


Give an example of a virus that causes STD

hiv and herpes