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How many acres of land are planted with grapes on the planet

More than 20 million acres


What a is the latitude parallels that is best for growing grapes

Between the 30th parallel and the 50th parallel of latitude.


What is the canopy

The vines leaves and shoots which often need to be controlled through different practices to shade the grapes, maximizing leafs exposure to sun or allow air circulation


What is viticulture

The art and science of growing grapes for the purpose of making wine


What is a mutation

A vine that has developed different characteristics, flavored or qualities from an imperfect genetic reproduction


What are three mutations of the Pinot Noir grape

Pinot Grigio Pinot Blanc and Pinot Meunière


What is a cross

If the pollen of one varitale is used to pollinate the flowers of another the resulting seeds in the grape produced through reproductive actions will be different from the seeds of the two-parent vines


What are two crosses and what grapes were used for to make those crosses

Cabernet sauvignon is a cross of Cabernet franc and Sauvignon blanc.
Pinotage is a cross between Pinot noir and cinsaut.


What is a clone

A clone is a vine that is an exact DNA copy of another vine, achieved through asexual reproduction


What is veraison?

This is when the color of the grape changes and turns red for varietal with pigment in their skin and the grapes soften allowing the flow of water and sugar from the leaves


What is the typical time from bud break to harvest

Four to six months


What is vintage

The annual growing cycle of the vine


What is grafting

Taking a cutting from one plant and attaching it to another. In viticulture this most commonly involves taking cutting from a donor Vine called a mother vine and attaching it to the rootstock of another plant. Using a special V shaped cut that fits both pieces firmly together


What is a bench grafted vine

A cutting and rootstock that was already grafted at a nursery


What is dry farming

The procedure of growing vines without using irrigation . Many areas that receive ample rainfall do not have to worry about irrigation, but in those regions that do, limiting irrigation water will put vines under very stressful conditions


What are old vines

The older the vine gets the slower it produces. Wines made from old vines are typically more intense, complex and concentrated


What is green harvest?

If causing stress in vines is not possible, growers can simply lessen the yields by cutting a percentage of the vines grapes when they first form. This forces the vine to send energy, sugar and flavor to the remaining grapes, concentrating their flavors.


What does the French term "virile vignes" mean

Old vine grapes


What is the German term for old vine grapes

Alte Reben


Vigna vecchia means what in Italian

Old vine wine


What is the Spanish term for old vine wine

Vinis viejas


What is diurnal temperature

A term that means it is warm during the day and very cool at night allowing the grapes to develop enough sugar from the sun and enough acid from the cool air for better balance in the grape


How does soil drainage effect the grapes

Soil that have slower drainage like clay will cause more vigorous growth on the vine. Soil that has better drainage like sand, or gravel will hold less water slowing growth and in turn stressing the grape more


True or false - the more stress a grapevine is under, the more the grape will produce.

False, the opposite is true the higher the stress the lower the yield and better the concentration of flavor


Grapes grown in a warmer climate will produce wines with _______________ than a wine from a cool climate

Less acid and more alcohol


The name of the genus made up of grapes is called