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What are the top regions of Portugal for table wine

Vinho Verde


What are the top fortified wines of Portugal



What is the top white grape of Portugal



What are the top red grapes of Portugal

Touriga nacional & Baga


What are the wine laws in Portugal referred as

DOC or
Denominacao de Origem Controlada


What is most commonly the main grape of Port.

Touriga Nacional


What Touriga Nacional

A red grape that used in port, but can also be used to produce dry red wines. It is mostly grown in Douro and Dao


What are the most important styles of wood aged port

Ruby port, tawny port, aged tawny port and late bottled vintage port (LBV)


Describe a ruby port

The most widely produce style of port, they usually have right Barry and jam flavors and they are ready to drink upon release


Describe a tawny port

They are usually bottled after only three years of barrel aging and have an amber or tawny color. They have a pleasant caramelized flavor


Describe an aged tawny port

And age tawny port will be from anywhere from 10 years to 40 years and beyond these non-vintage wines are richly flavored and complex


Describe an LBV port

Their age from anywhere from 4 to 6 years are made and Goodyears but not great years


Describe a vintage port

These are only made in the very best years often only two or three times in a decade. They will be made with only the very best grades from the top Vineyards. They will spend a short period of time barrel aging than will be bottled and aged for decade before hitting their peak


What is Baga?

Baga is the most planted grape in Portugal, used to to make red table wine. Grown in Dao, Douro and Minho. Also widely planted Bairrada. Also known as Tinta Bairrada. Makes a powerful wine with high tannins and favors of clay and ripe fruit.


What is Alvarinoho?

Grown in the north of Portugal it is the most important whit grape of Portugal. Used in the whit wines of Minho and Vinho Verde. Known as Albariño in Spain. Light body wine with moderate acidity, moderate alcohol, strong fruit flavor so far peaches, citrus, kiwi, and melon.


Where is Douro

In northeastern Portugal, with the river Rio Douro running through it. It is inland, most grapes are planted on steep slopes Touriga Nacional is the most widely planted red grape. This is also so the area where Porto DOC is located to make Port.


Where is Dão

Named for the Dão river it is located in in the northern mountainous region of Portugal. Both red and white wines are made her but Touriga Nacional is the dominant


Where is Bairrada

Located on the northern coast of Portugal, the soil has lots of clay. Here they mostly grow Baga, producing wines that are very tannic and long aging.


Where is Vinho Verde

Tis is the largest DOC located in the northwestern region of Portugal.
The name literally means "green wine". These white wines are produced to be drank when young, so they look very green. They use mostly Alvarinoho, that are full of peach peach, citrus, kiwi, and melon. These wines often have a touch of carbonation. They are harvest early and have high acid and low alcohol


Where is port made



What are the major styles of port?

Bottle aged & wood aged


What is the name of the brandy added to port while it is fermenting

Aguardente is 154 proof brandy