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 Topic Marker


  • Marks topic of a sentence.
  • Contrast one opinion with another one.
  • Used when elaborating on something known to the reader.



が​ Subject Marker


  • Marks subject of a verb.
  • Marks one option from another.
  • Used when adding more information to a question.
  • Used describing specific things with adjectives.
  • Used as a conjunction (between phrases): but or even though.



 Object Marker


  • Marks object of a verb.
  • With verbs with motion it marks how the motion takes place.



に The Aiming Particle


  • Marks indirect object.
  • Marks a destination, direction or specific place of an action.
  • Marks specfic point in time.
  • Marks period of time something repeats in. (twice a week).
  • Marks direct object for なる (to become), あう (to meet), のる (to ride). 



 The Glue Particle


  • Marks a person that an action is done with.
  • Links nouns.
  • Marks quoted speech or phrasal objects: おもう (to think), かく (to write).
  • Marks onomatopoeic words.