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What is the study of psychopathology concerned with?

*A search for the reasons why people behave, think, and feel in unexpected, sometimes odd, and possibly self-defeating ways.


What is an important consideration when working with people who have a mental illness or disorder?

*To recognise there is often a stigma attached with having a mental disorder and to attempt to reduce the associated stigma


What do psychologists consider when evaluating whether a behaviour is part of a mental disorder?

Psychologists consider several different characteristics including personal distress, disability, violation of social norms, and dysfunction.
*The DSM definition includes all these
*Each characteristic tells us something about what can be considered a mental disorder, but no one by itself provides a satisfactory definition.


List some of the various explanations for mental disorders.

*Supernatural e.g. demonology, (possession & exorcism), witches, lunatics
*Biological e.g. Hippocrates and eugenics
*Psychological causes e.g. disordered thinking


What were some of the treatments for mental illness across history?

*Burning / drowning
*15th Century - Bethlehem asylum
*Behaviourism: Conditioning
*Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Psychopharmacological treatments


What are some of the health care professionals who work with people experiencing mental health issues?

*Clinical Psychologists
*Counselling Psychologists
*Psychiatric Nurses
*Social Workers
*Counsellors including Marriage guidance and family therapists
Some will have an emphasis on research, psychological assessment, psychotherapy, or Psychopharmacology

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