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peformance frame work includes

Design elements
building mgt
occupant expierence
Agreements and culture


explain design elements

physcial technologies and systems within a building
suitable for new a retrofit buildings
have largest role on energy consumption

other plant and equipment
building fabric


explain building manangement

Bm directly affects energy peformance
inderictly affects OE and IEQ

substantial reductions can be made through using existing tech more efficiently
commisioning and tuning
maintenance and cleaning


explain Occupant expierence

staff whom are disatisfied with the IEQ are likely to say this affects ther productivity
when linked to other nodes OQ can be most accessible way to create a productive workspace
increased understanding of occupants to make changes to reduce energy demand
helps to support way to assist in energy saving implemetation programs

>occupant satisfaction
>use of controls
>air quality, tempreture e.g


Explain indoor environental quality

IEQ can affect health and wellbeing of occupants
initiatives to decrease energy consumption should not compromise IEQ
monitoring of IEQ paramaters can provide valuable insights into reducing energy demand
air quality
thermal comfort


Explain agreements + Culture

covers binding and non binding agreements between various stake holders
includes social aspects such as org culture and communication

lease agreements - green lease


what is a green lease

o Lease between landlord and tenant to ensure the management and operation of a building to encourage environmentally suitable operation of the building/tenancy
o While initial costs constructing a green building may be higher than for a conventional building, ongoing operational costs will be lower
o Green lease will address these costs and benefits will be allocated to both tenant and building owner
o Lease conditions: NABERS/ Green star / Government


benefits of green lease to tenant

o Leads to significant cost savings
o Enhance a tenants reputation for promoting a strong cooperate social responsibility
o Enhance work environments by indoor air Quality leading to higher productivity
o Less likely to relocate at the end of a lease term


benefits of green lease to landlord

o Improved rentals, reduced vacancies, reduced outgoings and reduced need for incentives
o Capital growth
o Happier tenants, meaning longer term leasing arrangements and fewer landlord – tenant disputes
o Reduced maintenance costs and extended average life span for services
o Green leases can enhance landlords reputation for CSR – this will assist to attract blue chip tenants likely to be environmentally aware e.g. Gov’t


what is the CBD program

o The Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) Program
o Requires energy efficiency information to be provided in most cases when commercial office space of 1000 square metres (1000 square metres from 1 July 2017) or more is offered for sale or lease.
o Benefit of including properties between 1000 and 2000 square meters

The aim is to improve the energy efficiency of Australia's large office buildings and to ensure prospective buyers and tenants are informed

Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) program:
o Requires sellers and lessors of office space of 200 square meters (1000 sqm from jul 2017) to obtain a building energy efficiency certificate (BEEC) before the building goes on the market for sale, lease or sublease.
o BEEC’s are valid for up to 12 months and include:
o NABRES rating
o Lighting Assessment of relevant area of he building


how to improve commercial building energy efficiency

o Shading, insulation and double glazing to reduce the need for air conditioning.
o Invest in an efficient, appropriately sized HVAC systems that are well commissioned, maintained, and tuned . Highest energy use in buildings
o Install an energy efficient, controllable lighting system that maximises the use of natural light.
o Ensure your Building Management System (BMS) allows for fine control of lighting, heating and cooling systems.
o Use renewable power sources either on site or off site through the purchase of accredited Green Power.
o Install lifts that are programmed to prioritise the most energy efficient option and capture energy from their brakes.
o Use benchmarking tools such as NABERS or Green Star to compare your building to other efficient buildings and identify areas for improvements.


what is a BMS

Also known as Building Automation system (BMS)
o Computer based system installed in buildings that controls and monitors the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems and security systems
o Systems linked to a BMS typically represent 40% of a buildings energy usage’ if a lighting is included, this number approaches to 70%

Benefits Include:
o Individual room control
o Increased staff productivity
o Effective monitoring and targeting of energy consumption
o Improved plant reliability and life
o Save time and money during maintenance