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building design elements

1. Architectural design
2. Engineering design
3. Building services design


Architectural design elements



engineering deisng elements

Types of building structures:
o Timber
o Masonry
o Concrete
o Steel

Critical concerns:
o Loads
o Force balance (compression, tension, shear and equilibrium)

safety of building and economic peformance


building services deisgn

Mechanical Design:
o Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
o Acoustics
o Mechanical transportation – lifts, escalators and autowalks
o Services supply and storage

Electrical Deisgn:
o Electricity distribution
o Lighting
o Gas
o Telecommunications
o Building Security Systems

Plumbing Design:
o Fire prevention and control
o Water supply and drainage system
o Sanitary fitments and appliances


basic principles of building design

1. Creativity
2. Sustainability – ecological, social and economic sustainability
3. Constructability – focusing on intergrating construction knowledge in the building design process to:
o Balance the various project and environmental constraints with the aim of
o Maximizing building deign goals and performance

4. Durability – Capability of a building or it’s parts to perform a function over a specified period of time


design objective can include

• Accessible
• Aesthetics
• Cost effective
• Functional / operational
• Historic preservation
• Productive
• Secure/safe
• Sustainable


factors affecting building design *

o Client
o Cost schedule
o Cultural desires
o Codes and regulations
o Site conditions
o Building technology


basic types of drawings

o 3d
o 2d (orthographic drawings)

o floor plan
o evaluation plan
o electrical plans
o interior finishes


Sustainable design assessment in the planning process:

1. indoor environment quality
2. energy efficiency
3. Water efficiency
4. Storm water management
5. Building materials
6. Transport
7. Waste management
8. Urban ecology
9. Innovation
10. Construction and building management