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IAW AFI 34-201, the required voting members of the NAF Council are:

Council chairperson (Wing/CC or CV)
Command Chief (WG/CCC)
Comptroller (CPTS/CC)
FSS commander or director (FSS/CC or DD)
Two additional members, one of whom must be an enlisted person


The recommended NON-VOTING members of the NAF Council are:

Staff judge advocate and the base contracting officer as advisors
FSS resource manager as the recorder
Chiefs group, Top 3, CGOC Presidents


NAF Council General Procedures (Voting members)

Voting members cannot be employed by any NAFI with which the council is officially involved.


Basic Accounting Concepts

The NAF accounting period is a calendar month.


The Accrual Method of Accounting

is used to account for NAFs. Simply stated, this means that revenue is recorded when it is earned, which may not be the month in which the money is actually collected


Assets are

the resources that a business owns and plans to use for the future benefit of the operation. Assets are “what we own” and can be current or non-current.


Liabilities are

dollar-specific obligations toward repayment of loans, debts, credit or other obligations. Liabilities are “what we owe” and can be current and non-current.


Fund Equity is

the accumulated dollar measure of the owner’s investment in the company. This investment can be in the form of cash, other assets such as marketable securities or equipment, or the reinvestment of earnings. Fund Equity is thought of as our “net worth.”


Operating Statement

The operating statement (aka I&E Statement) is a snapshot in time of the financial instrument that accounts for your entire base-level MWRF, the NAFI.


The operating statement provides information for five time frames:

current period this year, current period last year, this year to date, current quarter this year, and last year to date.


Golden Eagle

Standards provide an invaluable tool for measuring the level of compliance and ultimately the level of success within your organization. They were developed to ensure our customers receive a uniform level of service


Golden Eagle: Squadron Commanders/Directors

must ensure that comprehensive plans are developed to attain the Golden Eagle Standards whether the program is in-house or BY CONTRACT


APFs are funds generated through

federal taxpayer dollars that Congress controls


NAFs are

NOT appropriated by Congress


Category A

activities generate little revenue and are funded with 100% APF


Category B

are funded with 50% or more APFs ; Note: 50% APF is NOT a cap on government support: it is the lowest amount that must be provided by the government.


NAF Requirements Budget

NRB is a long term (5-year) capital purchase plan for big ticket items. Managers identify their needs, indicating the cost and the quarter in which they want to purchase items.


Cash Flow Budget

After the I&E and the NRB budgets are complete, the resource manager produces the cash flow budget. The predictions from the I&E budget on revenue amounts are laid in and the planned NRB purchases are overlaid to indicate the overall impact to the NAFI as far as cash flow is concerned. Basically, it is a way of making sure you can afford and have sufficient cash flow to cover your planned operations.


NAFIs (NAF Instrumentality) are

authorized by law to contract with the federal government. This contract between the government and the NAFI is known as a NAF MOA/MOU. NAF MOAs/MOUs are only suitable for functions that are authorized APFs, which makes sense because the government pays for the services using APFs


Base NAF Council.

The installation commander is the final approval authority and may or may not actually sit on the council. There is a single NAF council for one or more NAFIs at base level. The installation commander must appoint (in writing) members to the NAF Council


What are the Fitness Assessment Components

The body composition component is evaluated by abdominal circumference (AC) measurements. The aerobic component is evaluated by the 1.5-mile timed run. The muscular fitness component is evaluated by the number of push-ups and sit-ups completed within 1 minute.


What type of fitness score prior to deploying?
If member fails before deploying what is on the OPR/EPR?

-Members must have a current fitness score on file prior to deployment
-If a member fails before deploying and their OPR/EPR closes out after the deployment starts, member will be marked "DOES NOT MEET STANDARDS" on the OPR/EPR


fitness mission (primary)

-primary mission is to support the overall Air Force Fitness Program and support unit commander fitness programs


fitness mission (secondary)

secondary mission is to provide core fitness and sports programs to all authorized users and to support the World Class Athlete Program


Fitness and Sports Manager (FSM) (3 components under them)

-Operations Function
-Fitness Function
-Sports Function


Operations Function

FSM appoints ... manages indoor and outdoor maintenance, performs building manager functions, oversees custodial contracts or services, manages supply accounts, maintains accountability of fitness center exercise equipment provides oversight of daily operational duties, scheduling of personnel and maintains repair records


Air Force Certified Fitness Specialist (requirements)

-Basic and advanced training
-Minimum of one year’s work experience in the Fitness Center
-Documented 100 hours of group and/or individual fitness/exercise program design


Fitness and Sports Advisory Council (rules for them)

-The chairperson will be the FSM (a non-voting member).
-The council should include a primary and an alternate representative from each unit or tenant of the installation.


Core Customer Services - lodging

-vending operations
-locker service


Enhanced Services (what are they)

-Massage Therapists who must be licensed or have completed 500 hours of study and passed state or national certification boards.
-Resale Operations (e.g., juice bars). These are NAF operations; no APF support is authorized and they must be self-sustaining
-Distinguished Visitor (DV) locker room amenities
-Parent/Child Area