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What is a hazard?

any object, action or condition that can be a source of potential adverse health effect, damage, or harm to people, processes, or equipment within the workplace.


What is an incident?

an event or occurrence that had or could have had a negative impact on people, property, or processes.


What is an accident?

resulting from direct contact with some form of energy.


What is a risk?

the probability or the extent to which a hazard is likely to cause harm to people, property, or processes.


What is an injury?

any trauma experienced by a human being.


What is a risk assessment?

determination of the risk level of an incident based on its consequences and probability.


What is a hazard analysis?

an orderly, analytical technique that examines a system for most probable hazards having the severest consequences for the purpose of establishing corrective or control mechanisms.


What is a hazard control?

the program or process used to establish preventative and corrective measures


What is an overt traumatic injury?

resulting from coming into contact with an energy source
Falling; being struck by objects, equipment, or materials; contact with electricity, chemicals, or heat


What is an overexertion injury?

resulting from excessive physical effort, repetitive motions, and, possibly, awkward working positions
Improper lifting, repetitive motions, awkward working positions


What are the five sources of hazards?

1. people
2. equipment
3. environment
4. materials
5. processes


Who are involved in hazard identification programs and what are the major methods used?

1.supervisors/ managers, employees (subject matter experts), JH&SC members, HR professionals, and H&S experts.
2.observations, interviews, questionnaires, logs/diaries/reports, tests


What is the difference between reports and audits?

accident/incident investigation reports, reports on accident statistics, etc. and Audits are a systematic review of all aspects of H&S management


What are the 3 levels of hazard controls?

1. precontact control: (Addressing issues before an incident or accident occurs)
2.contact control: (Identifying ways in which a hazardous situation can be prevented from becoming worse and harming workers)
3.poscontact control: (Putting in place medical and cleanup operations and ensuring that the event cannot be repeated)


What is an engineering control?

Modification of work processes, equipment, and materials to reduce exposure to hazards.
Installation of auxiliary equipment, such as physical barriers and ventilation systems.


What is an administrative control?

Use of management involvement, training of employees, rotation of employees, environmental sampling, and medical surveillance to protect individuals .