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What is a physical agent?

sources of energy that may cause injury or disease.
-Thermal stress


what is vibration? and what is it conditional sources?

1. refers to the oscillating motion of a particle or body moving about a reference position.
2. frequency, amplitude and acceleration


What is hearing response conditional characterisitcs?

frequency, duration and loudness


What is thermal stress and its conditional responses?

1. conditions involve cold and hot temperature extremes
2. temperature and humidity/wind


What increases the risk of heat related illnesses?

individual health, weight, age, low fitness level, and medical conditions such as high blood pressure influence the risk that heat poses to an individual.


What increases the risk of suffering from a cold related illnesses?

age, gender, fatigue, diseases, health conditions, consuming drugs, alcohol, or smoking all increase the risk of suffering from a cold-related illnesses.


What is lonizing radiation?

electromagnetic energy capable of producing ions through interaction with matter.


What is non-ionizing radiation?

electromagnetic radiation that does not have energies great enough to ionize matter.


What are the Biological effects of ionizing radiations?

cell mutation, burns, and radiation sickness.


Chemicals can enter the body by four which routes?

2. skin absorption
3. ingestion (drinking, eating)
4. skin penetration (needle)