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2 tips on how to learn better

1. physical exercise
2. practice


knowledge collapse occur when

mind is restructuring its understanding and building solid foundation, wrestling deeply with the material


best way to remember and understand concepts is to

create metaphor or analogy


metaphor often vitally important is what aspect

giving a physical understanding the central idea


metaphor and analogy also useful for getting people out of

being blocked by thinking about the problem the wrong way


learning is to make sense of

the information perceived, not by people telling you


approaching material with goal of learning it on your own can

give you a unique path to mastery


the best way to catch a blind spot or error is to

brainstorm and work with other people who are smartly focused on the topic


what is the hard start and jump to easy technique

scan the entire test first, start with hardest question, once you feel unsettled, turn to the easier one


hard start and jump can help

use brain effectively, allow different part of brain work simultaneously on different thoughts


if you can change your thoughts, you can

change your life