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Air and Space Expeditionary Force Operations (AFPC/DPW)

Located at Randolph AFB, is the reachback enabler for personnel processes and systems


Home Station FSS

FSS Commanders or deputies at home station are responsible for providing reachback support to deployed commanders and customers within THREE duty days of receipt of request.


Joint Personnel Status and Casualty Report (JPERSTAT)

The joint force J-1 accomplishes joint strength reporting for the Joint Force Commander (JFC) by combining daily service component strength reports into the joint personnel status and casualty report (JPERSTAT)


Joint Personnel Status and Casualty Report (JPERSTAT): PURPOSE

The Joint Personnel Status and Casualty Report is meant to satisfy the commander’s information needs and to authenticate the total number of personnel (military, DOD civilian, and DOD contractor) physically present in a geographic combatant commander’s area of responsibility


Reception Processing Plan

-Meet all aircraft that carry incoming personnel
-Brief all incoming personnel, and be sure you know each person’s status (permanent party, transient, etc.) Your brief should include guidance from the theater commander on down to any local policies that may apply
-Collect orders and all other necessary documents (locator cards, etc.)
-Work with lodging so that you aware of the beddown plan for all personnel
-Coordinate with agencies to ensure all applicable supplies are distributed (linens, MREs, ammunition, person protective equipment (PPE), etc.)
-Work with all units at your locale to ensure that recall rosters are updated each time new personnel arrive/depart