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A Christian church is closed by the police

Fundamental freedoms


A student is arrested by the police, but not charged with anything. The police imprison the student for 90 days without laying charges.

Legal rights


A Canadian terrorist suspect is arrested and charged. In order to get more information about other possible terrorists the suspect is subjected to torture and threats.

Detention and imprisonment


A black student is refused admission to a private school because of the colour of her skin.

Equality rights


Detectives enter the home of a local family and search the home without a search warrant

Search and seizure


Demonstrators gather in the local square to peacefully demonstrate he spring seal hunt. The army is sent in to stop the demonstration.

Fundamental freedoms


The government enacts new legislation that limits the lifespan of people to 75 years of age.

Equality rights


The government decides that rights will only be granted to people once they reach the age of 18.

Equality rights