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1. Pre-parliamentary stage

-an idea is proposed by a cabinet minister, private member, or other source.
- cabinet will approve the idea
- civil servants investigate and lawyers help draft the bill.
- cabinet and caucus approve the bill


2. First reading

- bill is introduced into the HOC
- each MP receives a copy of the bill
- opposition parties begin to discuss what their position in the bill will be


3. Second reading

-MP’s debate the bill in the HOC
- following the debate, a vote is taken
- if passed, the bill is approved in principle


4. Committee stage

- a legislative committee involving representatives from each party is set up to debate he bill in-depth
- public input is heard
- amendments are proposed as long as they do not alter the core of the bill


5. Reporting stage

-The committee reports to the HOC the amendments that were proposed to the bill
- amendments are voted on


6. Third reading

- the bill with all the amendments is read and a final vote is held.
- this brings an end to the legislative process in the HOC.


7. Senate

- once the bill passes through the HOC the same procedures are held in the senate.
- bills move through the senate quickly


8. Royal assent and proclamation

- the Governor General then recognizes the bill as a law.
- the bill officially becomes a law after proclaimation


The order if goes in

Pre-parliamentary stage
First reading
Second reading
Committee stage
Reporting stage
Third reading
Royal assent and proclaimation


Bill definition

A written proposal for a law
Introduced in parliament, if passed, becomes an act


Act definitions

A written law passed by parliament


How is a law made?

Bill —to——- act