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1) The call

Prime Minister asks the Governor General to dissolve parliament and call an election.


2) Nominations

Candidates (usually representing a party) submit nominations and stand for election


3) Voters list

Chief Electoral Officer in each province makes yo a voters lists of who is eligible to vote.


4) Campaign

Each party uses this one to promote their platform.

Debates, tours, lawn signs, appearances on TV, door to door, and lots of promises


5) Voters informed

Eligible voters are informed where specifically they can vote (eg. birches, schools, etc.)

There are many different polls within each riding (electoral district)


6) Election Day

Voters go to polling stations to vote.

Each polling station has: returning officer, polling clerk.


7) The count

Ballot boxes taken to central location and all the votes are counted.

Each political party has scrutineers present to make sure the vote is fair.


8) the winner

The candidate with the most votes is elected as MP from that riding (not necessarily a majority)


How is the Prime Minister elected?

First, you have to be the leader of the party with the most MP’s elected. When the prime Minister is elected, they are elected as MP. The Governor General appoints the Prime Minister.
(People vote for MP’s, not the actual leader of the party)