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April 1469 engineers a rebellion in the North led by Robin of Redesdale, defeats Herbert at Edgecoat Moor (July 1469) and becomes 'de facto leader' would later install Henry VI back to the throne



Edwards Personality (gillingham) Warwicks personality (Ross) Foreign Policy



Warwick, he is the subject and was clearly hungry for power, it was not his place


Warwicks personality

"uncontrollable ambition"


Patronage awarded to Warwick

Captain of Calais, Constable of Dover Castle Admiral of England Hicks "Warwick and his brothers ruled while Edward mearly reighned" "king in all but name"


Warwicks issue with the New Yorkists

Disliked their power and closeness to Edward, 35 men raised to peerage, Hastings and Herbert plus Rivers giving rise to the elevation of the Woodville family destroying Warwick marriage ambitions


Warwick furthering family position

Attempts to engineer mariage between Clarence and Isabel Neville, openly defies royal authority
Edward takes away the Great seal in person
At this point Warwick begins to scheme and create a personal alliance with Louis XI and conspire(1467)


Edwards Personality

Opposite of Henry VI, strong and would not be beaten down by overmigghty sujects


Signs of the strength of Edwards personality

said to remember the names of everyone in court and greeet each man with a firm hand on the shoulder
Not afraid of war Goodman "the finest commander of the wars of the roses" fought at 5 major battles and won them all


Marriage to Elizabeth Woodville

1st May 1464 willing to act independantly from Warwick
embarassing for warwick who was in the middle of organising a mariage deal and would have metat st omer
Elevation of the woodville family scuppering Warwicks plans


Counter against Edwards personality

Showed the whole of the Neville family huge favour, John Neville became Earl of Northumberland and George Neville arch bishop of York, additionally Edward was king, Warwick was not


Foreign policy (pollard)

Question of France vs Burgundy, warwick as captain of calais supported the French cause while rivers supported a deal with Burgundy
Wool trade from London to Antewerp, Nov 1467 lifting of trade embargo leaning towards Burgundy
Mariage deal between Charles the Bold and Margaret of York made Edwads stance clear on the matter, however war was unlikely to have broken as a result solely of Edward's forgein policy, other factors had to be at play