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Primary witness of Wolsey:

'A butchers cur' - john Skelton

'Vainglorious was he very far above all measure, and that was great pity; for it did harm and made him abuse many great gifts that God had given him' -sir Thomas more


Secondary commentators of Wolsey

'Wolsey had proved himself a gifted administrator...but his vision and originality were limited by his personality...neither evil nor quite a genius, Wolsey was brilliant but flawed' -guy


Why was Wolsey able to rise to power so quickly under Henry 8?

1. Wolsey was in the right place at right time, Henry was youn, fun-loving and rather lazy, his conception of kingship was emodied in all-action heroes like king Henry V rather than frugal administrators like king Henry VII. Nevertheless, he was not prepared to leave the affairs of state in the hands of his fathers great servants,who he found old, boring and behind with the times.

2. Wolsey made the most out of opportunities given to him. He had the great ability to gauge his audience, to flatter and be entertaining. He had a "special gift of eloquence"-cavendish. He was sociable, witty and convivial , a sponsor of musicians and artists

3. Wolseys charm expressed itself in a certain flexibility of outlook. He initially opposed Henry's ideas of war with France but when it became clear he king was not prepared to budge on the issue, he quickly became the greatest enthusiast of the idea. Cavendish-"most earnest and readiest among all the council to advance the Kings only will and pleasure without any respect to the case"

4. Much more than a yes-man. Shows excellent organisational skills when put In charge of French expedition. He always prided himself on being the "boy batchelor" who got his first degree at the age of 15

To ta5. Liked having work. Henry used to have to encourage him to take a holiday