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What are soft wood trees ?

Most softwood trees are coniferous (bear cones) usually have needle like leaves and are ever green for example, cedar,pine,yew


Uses of softwoods?

Construction work and joinery including outdoor decking , furniture and fencing
Also used for interior joinery such as staircases, doors and built in furniture


What is hardwood ?

Most hardwood trees have broad leaves and are deciduous (shed leaves each year) for example mahogany, beech, oak and elm


Uses of hardwood?

Mahogany is used for cabinets, furniture, musical instruments, doors , boats
Oak is used for furniture , doors


What is man- made wood?

Man- made wood are made from waste produced when the trunks and branches of trees are cut into planks


2 advantages in using man made wood ?

Man made wood are available in larger sizes of uniform thickness as they are not restricted by the tree size in the way that solid wood is.
They are not prone to defects like solid wood and are not affected by humidity


What is plywood ?

Very strong for its weight and thickness , compared to solid woods
Building work, general construction, boat building, furniture making


What is chipboard ?

Cheap but not strong
Inexpensive furniture ,cupboard backs and shelving


What is MDF?

Medium density fibreboard
Cost effective
Can be worked, shaped and manufactured easily
Used in the building and furniture trade