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Everybody is happy with my work – – prospecting, lining up meetings, following up, and getting us organized.

Meetings are easy to get – –example Andrew Nitkin responding to my email and being open to a meeting. Need to do more of that.


Outbound business calls and meetings make me feel better, makes business more enjoyable. Spreadsheets and analysis do not make business more enjoyable for me – – listen to the universe!

Regular exercise builds energy and good mood – – improves deep restful sleep and clearer thinking – – no caffeine after 1 PM


My coworkers trust me

My coworkers respect me

We are building an inventory of RE development projects, requiring Debt, Equity and JV capital


People ask and want my opinions

Our work is flexible, collegial.

The team is experienced and are working on fascinating projects.


Developers want to meet us

Getting signed up to exclusively represent clients is easy, because we are worth it


We provide a great combination of experience, resources, contacts, creativity and value

We are fairly priced and active in the marketplace
People want to meet us because we are in the know.


There isn't much we haven't seen, done or closed in a variety of deal types, property types and structure across the US and for the firm.

Our marketing activities and outreach are organized and consistent


Our contacts and relationships are always growing and deepening

Our intelligence and ties into areas of influence such as business schools real estate schools and industry networking groups is extensive and current


We are prompt, efficient and accurate

We have fun and enjoy our work and the fruits of our labor.

We crush it


We are building out a merchant banking platform.

We get involved w RE JVs and development.

Ground lease finance is our secret sauce


We are smart money. We are international.

We are current, progressive and adaptive

We are setting the groundwork for real estate joint ventures and real estate development, especially projects we can participate in personally.


Gregg smiles from the heart and loves what he does.

Gregg’s business complements his relationships with family and friends. It resonates with his values and vision


Bumping into Noah Kaufman on the elevator to class – – and having him say 'hello, my friend'

Getting a hug from Michael of Eastgate.

The buildings – the glittering sparkle of New York skyscrapers on a sunny morning. The history and stories of real estate, the people, plots and ploys. The architecture and design and ways it improves people's lives.


No one micromanaging my time or activity – – total flexibility

Highly entrepreneurial and growth oriented culture

Flexible with business – – grow, innovate – – offshore and domestic capital – – smart people, smart money and fast moving.

Connecting the dots – – Charles Mallory and Chuck Royce and Chip Kruger

Picking up viable, real – time knowledge.

Being respected and valued.

Navigating pitfalls by brainstorming.


Thinking clearly but not clouding my mind.

Appreciating beautiful, amazing people and things and comedy and love and humor.

Seeing it all come together, harmoniously.

Being an armchair economist – – collecting financial and economic data and reporting it on various venues like LinkedIn or periodic newsletters


I am grateful for my friends in business – –Sam Fortenbaugh on the train platform talking about his college days as a runner. Allison Martin meeting me for a drink
Jim Faello helping me when I get jammed up with class. Steve Anderson, out of nowhere, landing a job as CEO of LH Charney. Stu Berelson brainstorming on how to get business going

Mark Lanigan who has done so well, pinging me like an old friend – – how cool is that!. Helping my friend succeed in real estate example – – Joe Tranfo and his son Tommy and others


Having my friends help me, like Allyson Martin and making introductions and opening doors.

Having a lemon slice in my water

Getting a warm response from friends in the business

Being trusted


Getting engaged w Joe on a 150 MM deal

Getting a lead w Samir at the MC opportunity to help a good guy succeed!!


John Fareri opening up about Westchester and LP capital.

Opening doors w smart marketing and selective meetings.


David E emailing me saying:

We are going to crush it !!

Having David Friedman treat me like an old friend