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List factors influencing wound healing

1. Age
2. Co-morbidities
3. Edema
4. Harsh or Inappropriate Wound care
5. Infection


What is the cause of an abrasion wound

Caused by a combo of friction and shear forces typically over a rough surface


What is an abrasion wound?

Scraping away of skin due to injury or mechanical abrasion


Describe a soft tissue avulsion (also known as degloving)

Serous wound resulting from tension that causes skin to become detached from underlying structures


Describe an incisional wound.

Most often associated with surger and is created intentionally by means of a sharp object such as a scalpel or scissors


Describe a laceration.

An irregular tear of the skin that produces a torn, jagged wound

Typically associated with trauma and can be result of shear, tension or high force compression


Describe a penetrating wound

Result from various mechanisms of injury and is a a wound that enters the interior of an organ or cavity


Describe a puncture wound.

Made by shear pointed object as it penetrates the skin and underlying tissues.

Usually little tissue damage beyond the wound tract. Risk of contamination and infection can be significant


Describe a skin tear.

Results from trauma to fragile skin (bumping into object, adhesive removal, shear or friction forces)

May range from flap like ear, that may or may not remain viable, to full thickness tissue loss


Describe petechiae.

Tiny red or purple hemorrhagic spots on the skin


Describe ecchymosis

Bluish discoloration of skin caused by extravasation of blood into the subcutaneous tissues

“Ankle sprain”


Describe a contusion

Injury in which skin is not broke; a bruise

characterized by pain ,swelling and discoloration


What broad-spectrum antimicrobial elements are commonly used in wound management?

Silver and iodine