a biological processes pm june 12th 2017

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Chapter 7 Keywords
Rib cage,
27  cards
Chapter 7 Key Concepts
Why are the amoeba able to rely o...,
4 charateristics of a specicalise...,
Why the increased sa for exchange...
26  cards
Chapter 8 Keywords
Mass transport system,
What s haemolymph,
26  cards
Chapter 8 Keyconcepts
Why do animals need specialised t...,
Three things most circulatory sys...,
Features of an open circulatory s...
35  cards
Chapter 9 Keywords
Dicots dicotyledonous plants,
Herbaceous dicotyledonous plants
15  cards
Key Words 18
Substrate level phosphorylation,
Outer mitochondrial membrane
13  cards
Key Concepts 18
State and describe four stages of...,
State and describe four stages of...,
How does pyruvate enter the mitoc...
30  cards
Chapter 9 Key Concepts
The 3 reasons why plants need tra...,
How are root hairs adapted for th...,
Evidence for role of at in root p...
40  cards
Module 3
The changes in blood pressure in ...,
Some components of tobacco smoke ...,
Some components of tobacco smoke ...
192  cards
CIE paper 4
Sorghum is a cereal crop that gro...,
Explain why proteins occur in the...,
Explain why there is glucose pres...
234  cards
OCR A old spec
Why large animals need large sa v,
Describe and explain adaptations ...,
213  cards
Kerboodle 7
A structures for absorption of wa...,
B a sheet of skeletal muscle acro...,
C the study of tissues 1 mark
13  cards
Kerboodle 8
A the pull of water into venules ...,
B a circulatory system where bloo...,
C the patch of tissue generating ...
12  cards
Kerboodle 9
A a plant adapted to live in stan...,
B a part of a plant to which sucr...,
C the pathway where water moves t...
14  cards
Kerboodle 13
A cell which converts stimulus en...,
B junction between two nerve cells,
C a fast automatic response to a ...
13  cards
Kerboodle 14
A hormone secreted from the adren...,
B ductless gland,
C cell whose metabolism is altere...
12  cards
Kerboodle 15
A the maintenance of a constant i...,
B an animal whose temperature mai...,
C response to a change that incre...
14  cards
Kerboodle 16
A growth of a plant shoot towards...,
B growth of a plant shoot away fr...,
C plant hormone responsible for s...
11  cards
Kerboodle 17
A splitting of water into hydroge...,
B method of separating biochemica...,
C set of reactions comprising car...
9  cards
Kerboodle 18
A nucleotide with central role in...,
B type of respiratory enzyme that...,
C the ratio of volume of carbon d...
12  cards
The symptoms of a traumatic brain...,
Explain how fmri measures brain a...,
Suggest two advantages of fmri ov...
44  cards
Studies on the effects of hcg in ...,
Another hormone produced during p...,
A hydatidiform mole is a rare com...
21  cards

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a biological processes pm june 12th 2017

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