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Sampling Techniques
What is opportunity sampling,
What are the advantages of opport...,
What are the disadvantages of opp...
12  cards
Lab Experiments
What is a standardised procedure,
What is a controlled setting,
What is the independent variable
11  cards
What does ethics refer to,
What are the four ethical principals,
What does respect refer to
13  cards
Laboratory and Field Experiments
What are confounding variables,
What are the strengths of a labor...,
What are the weaknesses of a labo...
5  cards
Agency Theory
What is moral strain,
What is agency theory,
What does agency theory try to ex...
18  cards
Social Impact Theory - Latane 1981
What is the division of impact ef...,
How did latane represent the divi...,
What study did sedikides and jack...
15  cards
Social Identity Theory - Tajfel and Turner 1979
What is prejudice,
What is discrimination,
What is stereotyping
18  cards
Realistic Conflict Theory - Sherif 1966
What are the claims of realistic ...,
What are the components of realis...,
What are limited finite resources
17  cards
What is experimental hypothesis,
What is null hypothesis,
Give an example of experimental h...
7  cards
Milgram (1963) Behavioural Study of Obedience
Define obedience,
What was the aim of milgrams study,
What was the sample like in milgr...
22  cards
Milgram Variation Studies
What was milgrams experiment 7,
What was the aim of milgrams expe...,
Where did milgrams experiment 7 t...
18  cards
Questionnaires and Interviews
What is a self report,
What is a questionnaire,
What is an interview
10  cards
Factors Affecting Obedience
What are situational factors affe...,
What is gradual commitment,
What are buffers
9  cards
Contemporary Study: Burger (2009)
Which of milgrams studies did bur...,
What happened in milgrams experim...,
What did burger call the point of...
27  cards
What is memory,
What is information processing,
What is encoding
7  cards
Sensory Memory
How were letters presented in spe...,
On average how many letters were ...,
Within how many seconds does info...
11  cards
What is the duration of the stm,
What is the capacity of the stm,
How is the capacity of the stm of...
10  cards
Multi Store Model of Memory - Atkinson & Shiffrin, 1968
How does information flow through...,
How is information lost from each...,
What is having three separate mem...
16  cards
Working Memory Model - Baddeley and Hitch 1974
What did baddeley and hitch argue...,
What are the differences between ...,
Why was the working memory model ...
30  cards
Explanation of long term memory - Episodic and semantic memory Tulving 1972
What does episodic memory receive...,
Who is episodic memory specific to,
What is episodic memory
20  cards
Reconstructive Memory (Bartlett, 1932) including Schema Theory
Which is reconstructive memory,
What is a schema,
What are schemas used for
20  cards
Individual Differences in Memory
What is processing speed,
What is processing speed and capa...,
What does young children having a...
5  cards
The Impact of Alzheimer's on Older People and the Effects on their Memory
What is alzheimers disease,
How many people does alzheimers e...,
What is alzheimers the most commo...
9  cards
Case Study of Brain-Damaged Patients
What surgery did hm have,
Following the surgery what happen...,
What was it believed caused these...
11  cards
Baddeley 1966b Classic Study
What was the aim of baddeleys study,
How many experiments did badddely...,
How did baddeley attempt to test ...
25  cards
Sebastián and Hernández-Gil
What did sebastian and hernandez ...,
What does digit span refer to,
How is digit span tested
23  cards
Central Nervous System & Function of Neurotransmitters
What does the cns consist of,
What does the cns do,
How does the cns send messages ba...
18  cards
Alcohol, Nicotine and Heroin Mode of Action
What does alcohol do to the body,
What does alcohol do to inhibitor...,
How does alcohol effect noradrena...
9  cards
Structure of the Brain & Different Brain Areas
What four lobes make up the brain,
What is the frontal lobe linked to,
What connections does the prefron...
15  cards
Evaluation of Brain Functioning as an Explanation of Aggression
Why is swantje et al supporting e...,
Why is raine et al supporting evi...,
Why is brain functioning to expla...
3  cards
Evolution and Natural Selection
What process are our genes said t...,
What does natural selection refer to,
What is survival of the fittest
13  cards
Freud's Psychodynamic Explanation
Why is freuds theory psychdynamic,
What is the id,
What is the ego
19  cards
The Role of Hormones
What are hormones,
What is the role of hormones,
What is testosterone
19  cards
Individual Differences - Biological Psychology
How are individuals brain structu...,
What did raines research comparin...,
What was education in activity in...
9  cards
Developmental Psychology - Biological Psychology
What do cognitive abilities devel...,
What does the brain stem regulate,
Which parts of the brain take lon...
10  cards
Correlational Research
What does correlational research ...,
Why does correlational research p...,
What does a correlational design ...
10  cards
Brain Scanning Techniques
What are cat ct scans,
What do cat ct scans allow specia...,
How do cat ct scans work
27  cards
One Twin Study and One Adoption Study
Why are twin studies used in psyc...,
How are monozygotic and dizygotic...,
Describe mz identical twins
19  cards
One Adoption Study - Heston (1966)
What was the aim of hestons adopt...,
What were the participants in hes...,
Which children were selected for ...
20  cards
Raine et al (1997)
What was the aim of raine et al s...,
What was the expectation of the p...,
What is the method of raine et al...
26  cards
Brendgen et al (2005)
What was the aim of brendgen study,
Where did brendgen use data from,
Why type of data did brendgen use...
14  cards
Classical Conditioning
What is classical conditioning,
What is an unconditioned stimulus...,
What is an unconditioned response...
19  cards
Pavlov (1927)
What did pavlovs study involve,
What was the ucs in pavlovs study,
What was the ucr in pavlovs study
17  cards
Operant Conditioning
What is operant conditioning,
When does positive reinforcement ...,
What are the two types of positiv...
25  cards
Social Learning Theory
Who developed slt,
Why did bandura develop slt,
What did bandura note about obser...
15  cards
What is a phobia,
What do psychical symptoms includ...,
What do psychological symptoms in...
16  cards
Treatments for Phobias Based on Theories of Learning - Flooding
What is flooding also known as,
How does flooding work,
At first during flooding how does...
13  cards
Treatments for Phobias Based on Theories of Learning - SD
What is systematic desensitisatio...,
What does sd aim to do,
What is the 1st step of sd
13  cards
Bandura (1961) - Original Bobo Doll Experiment
What was the aim of banduras bobo...,
What experiment design was used i...,
How were the participants in band...
25  cards
Bandura, Ross & Ross (1963) - Imitation of Film Mediated Models
What was the aim of bandura imita...,
What was the research and method ...,
What was the iv and dv of bandura...
17  cards
Bandura (1965) Influence of Models Reinforcement Contingencies on the Acquisition of Imitative Responses
What was the aim of banduras infl...,
What was the research method and ...,
What was the iv and dv of bandura...
18  cards
Watson & Rayner (1920) - Classic Study
What was the aim of watson rayner...,
What was the research method of w...,
Who made up the sample of watson ...
16  cards
Capafons et al (1998) - Contemporary Study
What was the aim of capafons study,
What type of sample was used in c...,
Who did the sample consist of in ...
22  cards
Research Methods
What is content analysis,
How does a content analysis work,
What is step 1 of a content analysis
82  cards
Use of Animals in Lab Experiments
Which organisation published the ...,
What are the guidelines for worki...,
What is the mnemonic for the anim...
13  cards
Individual Differences - Learning Theories
What are individual differences,
What do individual differences re...,
What individual differences are t...
9  cards
Developmental Psychology - Learning Theories
What is developmental psychology,
What does developmental psycholog...,
What do developmental psychologis...
9  cards
Scientific Status of Psychology
What is a science,
How is scientific knowledge gathered,
What is the mnemonic for the crit...
15  cards
Issues Around Drug Taking
What is addiction,
What will addiction result in,
When can physical dependency be e...
14  cards
Alcohol Mode of Action
What mnemonic is used for alcohol...,
What does g stand for when descri...,
What does i stand for when descri...
4  cards
One Biological Explanation for Alcohol Addiction - DRD2 Gene
What does the drd2 genetic explan...,
What does the drd2 genetic explan...,
Where is dopamine released drd2 g...
18  cards
One Learning Explanation for Alcohol Addiction - SLT
Which learning theory might be us...,
What does slt say alcohol addicti...,
How does slt argue individuals le...
13  cards
Treatments for Alcohol Addiction - Aversion Therapy
What is aversion therapy,
What is the aim of aversion therapy,
Where does aversion therapy take ...
20  cards
Treatments for Alcohol Addiction - Psychotherapy
What is psychotherapy,
What does psychotherapy believe a...,
What does psychotherapy offer
20  cards
Mundt et al (2012) - Contemporary Study
What does a stochastic actor base...,
What does sabm assume about small...,
What led mundt et al to carry out...
34  cards
Human Drug Studies
How are questionnaires used to st...,
How are questionnaires developed,
How are questionnaires distributed
36  cards
Nicotine Mode of Action
What is the mnemonic used for nic...,
What does s stand for when descri...,
What does a stand for when descri...
5  cards
One Biological Explanation for Nicotine Addiction - DRD2 Gene
What is the supporting evidence s...,
What is the refuting evidence wea...,
Why is noble 1994b supporting evi...
9  cards
One Learning Explanation for Nicotine Addiction - SLT
What is the supporting evidence s...,
What is the refuting evidence wea...,
Why is friedman et al 1985 suppor...
10  cards
Treatments for Nicotine Addiction - Hypnotherapy
What is hypnotherapy,
What does hypnotherapy aim to do,
What is hypnosis
18  cards
Treatments for Nicotine Addiction - Nicotine Replacement
What is nicotine replacement ther...,
Where is nrt available,
What is the aim of nrt
21  cards
One Anti-drug Campaign - Stoptober
Who and when was stoptober introd...,
How many people signed up to stop...,
What did stoptober provide
14  cards
Use of Animal Lab Experiments to Study Drugs
Which animals tend to be used in ...,
Why are animals used in lab exper...,
How can results be used from anim...
17  cards
Olds & Milner (1954) - Classic Study
What were the aims of olds milner...,
What research method did old miln...,
What were the iv dv of olds milne...
21  cards
Cross Cultural Research and Nature-Nurture Debate in Health Psychology
What does cross cultural mean,
What does culture mean,
Why is cross cultural research us...
7  cards
Individual Differences - Health Psychology
What is sensation seeking persona...,
What is bpd borderline personalit...,
What can be biological individual...
3  cards
Heroin Mode of Action
What is the mnemonic for the hero...,
What does g stand for in the hero...,
What does o stand for in the hero...
4  cards
Biological Explanation for Heroin Addiction - DRD2 Gene
What is the supporting evidence s...,
What is the refuting evidence wea...,
Why is lawford et al 2000 support...
6  cards
Learning Explanation for Heroin Addiction - Operant Conditioning
What learning theory can be used ...,
What is positive reinforcement,
Which reinforcement is more effec...
17  cards
Treatment for Heroin Addiction- Methadone
What is methadone,
How many people is methadone pres...,
How is methadone taken
19  cards
Treatment for Heroin Addiction- Abstinence Based Treatment Programmes
What is the goal of abstinence ba...,
What is focus 12,
How long does focus 12 last
16  cards
Features and Symptoms of Schizophrenia
What is sz,
What are positive symptoms of sz,
What are negative symptoms of sz
15  cards
The Neurotransmitter Explanation for Sz
What does dopamine cause neurons ...,
What do brain scans suggest about...,
How does dopamine affect activity...
16  cards
Carlsson et al (1999) - Contemporary Study on Sz
Why did carlsson carry out this r...,
What is a review,
What did carlsson suggest about g...
14  cards
Genetic Explanation for Sz - Biological Explanation
What are concordance rates,
What does the genetic explanation...,
What does the genetic explanation...
14  cards
Non-biological Explanation for Sz - Social Causation Hypothesis
What does social causation hypoth...,
What does social causation hypoth...,
What are the four environmental r...
20  cards
Biological Treatment for Sz: Antipsychotics
When were the first aps developed,
What do aps attempt to do,
What are the first generation of ...
24  cards
One Psychological Treatment for Sz - Assertive Community Therapy (ACT)
What is act used for,
What is the aim of act,
What is a multidisciplinary approach
18  cards
Diagnosis of Mental Disorders - The Four D's
What are the four ds referred to as,
What does deviance refer to,
What is deviance from cultural norms
20  cards
Classification System for Diagnosing Disorders - DSM-5
When was the dsm first published,
When was the dsm 5 published,
How publishes the dsm 5
21  cards
ICD-10 Classification System
What is the icd 10,
Who published the icd 10,
What is the purpose of the icd 10
18  cards
Methods: primary/secondary data & meta-analysis
What is primary data,
What are examples of ways to coll...,
What examples are there of primar...
14  cards
Methods: Longitudinal Design
What is longitudinal design,
Why is longitudinal design used i...,
How is data collected in longitud...
14  cards
Methods: Cross Sectional Method
What type of participant design d...,
How is data collected in a cross ...,
Why are cross sectional methods u...
12  cards
Unipolar Depression - Symptoms and Features
What is an affective disorder,
What are psychological symptoms,
What are cognitive symptoms
16  cards
Biological Explanation for Unipolar Depression - Monoamine Hypothesis
What are monoamines,
What are neurotransmitters,
What is depression caused by
21  cards
Biological Treatment for Depression - SSRIs
What are ssris,
What are antidepressants,
How long do antidepressants need ...
24  cards
Non Biological Explanation for Depression - Cognitive Explanation
What is cognitive psychology inte...,
What three parts are there in bec...,
What is cognitive triad on becks ...
20  cards
Psychological Treatment for Unipolar Depression - CBT
What is cbt,
What does cbt work on changing,
What does cbt focus on
21  cards
Depression: Contemporary study - Kroenke 2008
What was the aim of kroenke study,
What is an algorithm,
Which type of sample did kroenke use
22  cards
Methods: HCPC guidelines
What is the hcpc,
Why do you register with the hcpc,
What is the three step process of...
9  cards
Methods: Case study method
What are case studies,
What approach do case studies adopt,
How are case studies often used i...
6  cards
Methods: Clinical interviews
What is an example of where clini...,
What are clinical interviews,
What will clinical psychologists ...
5  cards
Individual differences and developmental psychology in mental disorders
What are examples of cultural dif...,
What are examples of gender diffe...,
What are examples of how situatio...
6  cards
Clinical Psychology Practical
What is a summative content analysis,
What was the clinical practical,
How is a summative content analys...
8  cards
Classic Study: Rosenhan (1973)
What was the aim of rosenhans study,
What was the iv dv and type of ex...,
What was the sample like in rosen...
23  cards
Participant Design/Experimental Design
What is an independent groups design,
What are the strengths of an inde...,
What are the weaknesses of an ind...
9  cards
Data Types
What is quantitative data,
What levels of measurement are th...,
What are examples of quantitative...
21  cards
Sampling Techniques & Hypothesis
What is opportunity sampling,
What are the strengths of opportu...,
What are the weaknesses of opport...
17  cards
Questionnaires & Interviews
What is self report data,
What is a questionnaire,
What is a pilot study
12  cards
What is an observation,
What is a naturalistic observation,
What are the strengths of a natur...
25  cards
Writing Conclusions from Graphs/Tables
What is a result from a graph table,
What is an example of a result fr...,
What is a conclusion from a graph...
4  cards
Descriptive Statistics
What are the measures of central ...,
What is the mean,
What are the strengths of the mean
24  cards
Inferential Statistics
What are the three levels of data...,
How do you decide which statistic...,
What does soc stand for
8  cards
Methodological Issues
What is internal validity,
How can internal validity be impr...,
What is ecological validity
16  cards
Conventions of Published Psychological Research
What happens during the first ste...,
What happens during the second st...,
What happens during the third ste...
7  cards
Control Issues
What is counterbalancing,
What are order effects,
What are experimenter effects
7  cards

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