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What 2 scenarios are the QRH summaries designed to assist with?

ELEC EMER CONFIG or a dual hydraulic failure


How can you recall alerts inhibited by the EMER CANCEL?

Press and hold RCL for more than 3 secs


If a failed item does not appear in the MEL, it is possible to dispatch the aircraft?

No, unless the item is not related to airworthiness or to operating requirements (e.g. galley equipment, entertainment systems etc)


On a transit stop, when are cx stopped?

Once parking cx complete


What should be done if the OXY pressure is half-boxed in amber?

Refer to limitation in the FCOM


What 2 criteria is min flight crew oxy based on?

Temperature and number of crew on flight deck. (Worst case 1000 psi)


On a transit stop, what residual GS requires an ADIRS re-alignment?

Greater than 5 kt GS


What are the eng starter limitations?

- Starter max cont operation is 5 min
‐ 2 x 3 min cycles and a consecutive 1 min cycle is permitted (run down to zero N3 between cycles).
‐ After one cont operation, or the 3 cycles wait 30 min to allow the starter to cool.


What is the max N3 for operation of the starter?

N3 is above 10 % on ground, or 30 % in flight


What are the crew actions in the event of a tailpipe fire?

- MASTER switch set to OFF (Do NOT press the ENG FIRE pushbutton)
- Crank the engine, by using either the bleed of the opposite the engine, the APU bleed, or external pneumatic power (Set ENG START selector to CRANK, then set the MAN START switch to ON).


What is the danger of pressing the ENG FIRE on with a tailpipe fire?

FADEC is de-powered and eng cannot be motored


As a last resort, can ground extinguishers be used in a tail pipe fire?

Yes, if bleed air not available. Will damage eng


What is the problem with the brake accum pressure being in the amber range?

Parking brake becomes less efficient


When on TO is thrust set from idle on both engines to directly to FLX or TOGA without a pause?

In case of tailwind or if cross wind is greater than 20 kt


What is the earliest moment AP can be engaged?

5 secs after TO and above 100ft RA


What does the alpha lock function do?

Prevents slat retraction at high AOA or low speed at the moment the flap lever is moved from Flaps 1 to Flaps 0


If ATC requires a position report, what page on the MCDU should be used?

The REPORT page which can be accessed from PROG page.


What is the angle of the the managed descent profile from high altitude?



Ideally, what is the max speed gear should be selected down to avoid door overstress?

220 kt


If landing using manual thrust, the A/THR should be disconnected by?

1000 ft


In a strong crosswind, what residual crab angle is permitted?

Prevents excessive bank on ldg


If lateral control problems exist after touchdown in a high crosswind ldg, what can be done with the thrust?

Select reverse idle
(Reverse thrust can affect airflow over the rudder and therefore control)


At what angle does PNF call "PITCH"?

7.5° (marked on PFD)


What deceleration rate does full pedal braking with anti-skid provides?

A deceleration rate of 10 kts/sec.


If reverse idle selected due to a lack of control on a crosswind ldg, can it subsequently be reselected?



Where are the ENG MAN START switches located?

On the overhead panel


On long flights is it best practise to climb to the optimum FL if step climbs are expected?

Ideally climb to 1000' above the opt, then step climb again once 1000' (may be 2000' in non-RVSM airspace)


If flying above the tropopause, what options are available in terms of altitude to increase the temp of very cold fuel?

- descend below the tropopause.
- climb higher