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A/C Familiarisation
What does it mean if a pb is pres...,
What does it mean if a pb is pres...,
Pushbutton switch being green means
30  cards
28  cards
Indication and Recording
What is the effect of both fwc fa...,
After a single dmc failure how wo...,
What do you see if dmc 1 fails
27  cards
What is the function of the eiu,
Engine start when does the start ...,
Engine start
21  cards
What should you do if an rmp freezes,
When does the call light come on,
When does the att light come on
7  cards
What pressure in psi does the rat...,
What causes the rat to auto extend,
What s the function of the priori...
8  cards
Flight controls
Which spoilers are used for roll,
On fctrl page what does amber num...,
On fctrl page what does amber tri...
31  cards
Landing gear
Which hydraulic system actuates g...,
Which computer controls the seque...,
What happens to nws after gravity...
18  cards
Virgin Triggers
Cockpit preparation checklist tri...,
Before start checklist trigger,
After start checklist trigger
11  cards
Virgin flows
Before start flow cm1,
Before start flow cm2,
After start flow cm1
10  cards
Collector cell in the inner tank ...,
What s the point of the collector...,
What s the point of the split val...
20  cards
Max kva for gen 1 2 apu gen,
Emer gen max kva green hyd on ele...,
Emer gen max kva green hyd on rat...
13  cards
What is normal bleed air pressure,
What is normal bleed air temperature,
How does the bmc regulate bleed p...
9  cards
Air Conditioning
Cabin compartment temp controller...,
How are the zone temps individual...,
What s the name of the computer t...
10  cards
Max cabin altitude on a flight ov...,
Outflow valve position with the a...,
How many motors can drive the out...
6  cards
Avionics ventilation
Where does the air come from for ...,
When the ditching pb is pressed w...,
How is a flow of air made availab...
5  cards
Fire protection
How many fire bottles do the engi...,
How many fire bottles in the apu,
Eng fire detection is it still av...
7  cards
Auto flight and FMS
What displays automatically on th...,
What displays automatically on th...,
Fm annunciation mcdu menu meaning
7  cards
Memory Items
Memory item emergency descent,
Memory item stall,
Memory item stall during takeoff
9  cards
Apu limitations bleed air highest...,
Apu limitations normal operation ...,
Apu limitations battery restart h...
5  cards
Virgin extras
Stable approach criteria,
Max taxi speed
2  cards
Pa initiate emergency evac,
Pa during rto emergency alert
7  cards
Engine relight speed after engine...
1  cards
0  cards
A330 speeds and stats
A330 300 max crosswind for takeoff,
A330 300 max crosswing for landing,
A330 300 max tailwind for takeoff
14  cards
Where to find stuff in the manuals
1  cards

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