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Oesophageal diseases and vomiting lecture
3 most common causes of oesophage...,
How can oesophageal diseases be c...,
What is an oesophageal disorder
34  cards
Introduction To Extractions
What are winged elevators,
Distinguish luxators and elevator...,
How should you hold an elevator o...
24  cards
Surgical Extractions And Resorptive Lesions
Outline an analgesia protocol for...,
List 4 indications for surgical e...,
What is an envelope flap
31  cards
Pharmacology Of GIT Drugs Reading
What happens in nausea 4,
What are the three stages of vomi...,
Differentiate humoral and neural ...
70  cards
Principles of small animal GIT surgery
What are the consequences of gast...,
What are the consequences of si c...,
What are the consequences of si p...
57  cards
Cow with abdominal problem
What vfas are produced in the cow...,
What are the features of salivation,
What are the 2 types of ruminal a...
34  cards
Equine Dentistry 1&2
What are the cheek teeth,
Define hypsodont,
What is the name of the system of...
55  cards
Farm animal diarrhoea
3 factors that combine to cause c...,
Pathogens causing calf diarrhoea 7,
Significance of ecoli grown from ...
34  cards
Small mammal GI disease - rabbits
Can rodents and rabbits vomit,
What are the 2 types of fibre,
What is the fusus colis function
30  cards
Diarrhoea in the cat and dog
Define haematoxhezia,
Define diarrhoea,
Differentiate acute and chronic d...
22  cards
Differential diagnosis of left sided pings in cattle
Ddx left sided pings in cattle 5,
When does rumen collapse occur,
Signs rumen colapse
15  cards
Intestinal pathology
3 broad categories causing intest...,
Colic can be acute or chronic des...,
Describe the time dependent mecha...
29  cards
Diarrhoea in horses and foals
Function of colon adults and foals,
Where is the problem causing diar...,
How to narrow down the list of dd...
21  cards
Diarrhoea in foal - additional notes
Cause of foal heat diarrhoea,
Age a foal gets foal heat diarrhoea,
Cause of foal viral diarrhoea age
50  cards
Differential diagnosis of right sided pings in cattle
Ddx of left sided pings 7,
Is lda or rda more acute,
Aetiology rda
27  cards
Intestinal pathology practical
Pathophysiology of ibd lymphoplas...,
Gross and microscopic appearance ...,
Define leiomyoma malignant locati...
13  cards
FEC practical
2 common adult worms in puppies d...,
Description of adult toxocara and...,
Size of liver fluke egg
41  cards
Weight loss
How should the problem of weight ...,
What is temporal myositis,
How do you refine the problem of ...
33  cards
Colic in horses
Causes of colic 2,
How horses express pain,
Clinical signs colic
34  cards
Colic in the horse - decision making
What can be the actual cause of p...,
How must obstructions be differen...,
Distinguish torsion and volvulus
38  cards
Abdominal pain in small animals
Define acute abdomen,
How to identify an acute abdomen,
Plan for acute abdomen
14  cards
Surgical approach to the LI in small animals
2 surgical approaches for colorec...,
Which nerves pass through obturat...,
Define colotomy
47  cards
Feeding tubes practical
What kind of diets can be used wi...,
What kind of diets can be used wi...,
What kind of diets can be used wi...
14  cards
Pathology of the liver and pancreas
What are the 3 hepatic zones,
How wide is a classic lobule,
What is a pss origin
78  cards
The GDV dog
Define gdv,
End results of gdv 3
24  cards
PID SPOTS PRACTICAL - Infectious diseases of the alimentary system
2 pathogenetic mechanisms of diar...,
Vaccine to control diarrhoea in c...,
What causes infectious canine hep...
22  cards
Icterus/HE in small animals
In what form in newly formed unco...,
What happens to bilirubin in the ...,
What do bacteria in the lower uri...
39  cards
Icterus in horses
What is the result of transamination,
Formula for urea,
What can happen to glucose 6 phos...
54  cards
Disorders of the equine liver READING
How is the liver involved in prot...,
What makes urea,
How is the liver involved in carb...
78  cards
Johne's disease DEFRA - reading
Which species does johne s affect,
How does this cause disease,
Is it notifiable
19  cards
Abdominal pain in small animals - reading
List some examples of surgical em...,
Define discopondylitis why might ...,
How might you rule in or out abdo...
5  cards
Diagnosis of effusions
What is an effusion,
Why analyse an effusion,
Into which tubes do you collect f...
43  cards
Laboratory diagnostics of liver disease
Name 4 enzymes used to indicate h...,
Does a blebosome indicate reversi...,
What is alt most commonly used fo...
60  cards
Introduction to common oro-dental conditions in dogs and cats
What should you check in an oral ...,
What are the 4 features of normal...,
Scissor bite maxillary incisors s...
55  cards
Periodontal disease and stomatitis
How common is periodontal disease...,
What causes periodontal disease 2...,
What is plaque where
30  cards
CAL - Small animal dentistry
How does the root apex differ bet...,
What bone types do the alveolar p...,
What is the cribriform plate
118  cards
PRACTICAL: Liver-pancreas pathology
What is labelled in this image,
What are microscopic findings tha...,
What causes a liver to look like ...
13  cards

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