anatomy - year 3

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Reproduction 1 - Male Reproductive System
What are the 4 categories the mal...,
What are some of the organs of th...,
What is a
67  cards
Reproduction 2 - Female Reproductive System
What are some of the female repro...,
Is the duct system of the female ...,
Where does implantation and devel...
89  cards
Reproduction 3 - Pelvis and Perineum 1
What are some of the organ system...,
What is a,
What is b
95  cards
Reproduction 4 - Pelvis and Perineum 2
What are the 2 triangles the peri...,
What is a,
What is b
83  cards
Reproduction Lecture - Breast Anatomy 1
Describe the steps in the develop...,
What are breasts,
From what ribs do the breasts ext...
47  cards
Reproduction Lecture - Breast Anatomy 2
What is the difference between hi...,
How are cells obtained for cytology,
What is the triple assessment
22  cards
Reproduction Lecture - Female Applied Anatomy
What are the 2 parts the uterus c...,
What are the 3 parts of the body ...,
What can the cervix be divided in...
40  cards
Reproduction Lecture - Embryology of Reproductive System
0  cards
Reproduction Lecture - Applied Embryology
0  cards
MSK 1 - Upper Limbs 1
What shape is the axilla,
What are the following walls of t...,
What is a
183  cards
MSK 2 - Upper Limbs 2
What is,
What is b,
What is c
105  cards
MSK 3 - Upper Limbs 3
What action do muscles of the ant...,
How are the muscles of anterior c...,
What is a
146  cards
MSK 4 - Upper Limbs 4
What are the 3 functional groups ...,
What is a,
What is b
77  cards
MSK 5 - Lower Limbs 1
How many bones is the hip bone co...,
What 3 bones form hip bone,
What is a
190  cards
MSK 6 - Lower Limbs 2
What is the pelvic girdle,
What makes up the pelvic girdle,
What is a
100  cards
MSK 7 - Lower Limbs 3
What is a,
What is b,
What is c
76  cards
MSK 8 - Lower Limbs 4
What is the popliteal fossa,
What is 1,
What is 2
92  cards
22  cards

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