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Nernst equation states that the equilibrium potential depends on

absolute temp (K)

charge on permeant ion

ratio of the ionic concentration on the two sides of the membrane


nernst equation

Esubx = RT/zF ln (X1/X2)


reduced Nernst equation at 18 celcius

Esubx = .058/z log (X1/X2)


diffusion of a single ion species down its concentration gradient unaccompanied by its counterion can set up...

an electric potential difference between the two sides of the semipermable membrane

at equilibrium, the emf across the membrane is equal to the equilibrium potential


membrane potential equation

Vm = Vin - Vout


is extracellular/intracellular ion [ ]s on top or bottom of nernst?

extracellular in numerator

intracellular in denominator


what is the Goldman equation used for

calculating the steady-state potential for multiple ions


nernst equation gives the equilibrium potential for one ion, but in reality the plasma membrane is permeable to several...

ionic species at a time, which may be asymmetrically distributed


dynamic steady state

in biological systems where exchanges of matter and energy occur continuously across a system