ansc 451: physiology of animals

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What are the 3 components homeost...,
Negative feedback
12  cards
Intro to the nervous system
Nervous system,
Endocrine system,
What are the 6 different nervous ...
29  cards
neuronal signal
What are 3 different kinds of pot...,
What are 3 different types of cha...,
Chemically gated cells
16  cards
How many synapses are in a neuron
27  cards
Autonomic NS
26  cards
The central nervous system
Spinal cord,
Brian stem
31  cards
Muscle physiology
What are 3 types of muscles,
Skeletal muscle functions,
Cardia muscle functions
34  cards
Muscle contraction
Nerve impulses elicit a muscle ac...,
Contraction cycle consists of 4 s...,
Maximum amount of muscle tension ...
16  cards
Reflex arc,
Components of reflex arc
25  cards
Inner ear & balance
How do you keep your balance,
Auricle pinna,
External auditory canal
19  cards
Why is hearing important,
Components of the hearing mechanism,
Tympanic membrane
17  cards
The Visual System
40  cards
Visual system & cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
Pupillary light reflex,
Cerebrospinal fluid csf,
Composition of csf
15  cards
Cardiovascular system
What are the 3 circulatory system...,
4 chambers of the heart,
Bicuspid mitral valve
27  cards
Electrical activity of the Heart
Parietal pericardium,
Visceral pericardium
26  cards
Cardiac Cycle
What is longer cardiac muscle act...,
30  cards
The Heart As a Pump
Mechanical properties of the heart,
Heart rate hr,
Stroke volume sv
25  cards
Heart sounds & Blood flows
What kind of sound does the heart...,
25  cards
Capillary Dynamics and Exchange
Blood circulation high blood pres...,
How much oxygen do veins hold,
What blood vessels have the thick...
24  cards
Hemostasis & Fetal Circulation
Endothelial factors,
Vascular constriction spasm
15  cards
Urinary System
0  cards
Urine Formation & Renal Physiology
0  cards
Fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base balance
Is water and electrolyte independ...,
Average of water weight in female
32  cards
Respiratory Systems
What are the following events tha...,
What structures are seen in the u...,
What are the functions for respir...
36  cards
Gas Exchanges
What type of movement is diffusion,
Rate of gas movement between the ...,
What are factors influencing vent...
28  cards
Immune system
0  cards
Heat input,
Heat output,
Basal metabolic rate bmr
21  cards

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ansc 451: physiology of animals

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