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Fluids and Electrolytes
We are ___ water,
What portion is intracellular and...,
What portion of ecf is plasma and...
93  cards
Blood Component Therapy
What are the 4 basic blood types ...,
Coagulation is a _________ process,
List the factor associated with t...
65  cards
Principles of Hemostasis
Define hemostasis,
What are the three phases of hemo...,
What are the three steps of formi...
44  cards
Lecturer: Hemostasis
Three phases of hemostasis,
What is von willebrand factor,
What is the most common congenita...
14  cards
Malignant Hyperthermia
What is the primary ion associate...,
Patients with mh exhibit signific...,
What are the triggering agents fo...
37  cards
Acid-Base Interpretation
Nearly all biochemical reactions ...,
Acids produce ___ ions in water a...,
What is the normal ph range for b...
36  cards
Endocrine Diseases
Which hormones are associated wit...,
Which hormones are associated wit...,
Which thyroid hormone is the most...
55  cards
Exam 1: Key Terms & Objectives
What is fibrinolysis,
What are some of the treatment op...,
What is the least effective volum...
24  cards
Spinal & Epidural Anesthesia
Mechanism s of local anesthetic a...,
What are the absolute indications...,
What is the purpose of spinals an...
24  cards
Peripheral Nerve Blocks
What is the maximum dose and dura...,
What is the maximum dose and dura...
41  cards
Neuraxial Anesthesia
Define neuraxial anesthesia,
What is intrathecal,
When was cerebral spinal fluid fi...
28  cards
Renal Disease & Urologic Surgery
What percent of cardiac output go...,
Anesthesia increases or decreases...,
Blood urea nitrogen is not elevat...
43  cards
Obesity & Its Anesthetic Considerations
What percent of the us population...,
What percent of the us population...,
True or false obesity is the seco...
28  cards
Exam 2: Key Terms & Objectives
Physiological abnormalities assoc...,
Factors effecting an epidural block,
Order of blockade of nerve fibers...
12  cards
Asthma & Bronchospastic Diseases
True or false asthma is a chronic...,
Asthma is underdiagnosed in what ...,
What is the primary contributor t...
40  cards
Restrictive Lung Disease
What does pta stand for,
What does doe stand for,
On an x ray honeycombing and rela...
18  cards
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Define bronchitis,
What is the difference between as...,
What are some causes of bronchitis
36  cards
Intrathoracic Vascular Pressures
List some of the intrathoracic va...,
Define compliance,
How do you calculate lung compliance
26  cards
Chest Tubes & Chest Drainage
Chest drainage systems are used t...,
Chest tubes are draining what in ...,
Why is a tension pneumothorax so ...
22  cards
Hepatic Pathophysiology
What is the largest organ in the ...,
The vascular capacity of the live...,
The vascular capacity of the live...
78  cards
Neuromuscular Diseases
What are upper motor neurons,
What is a lower motor neuron,
How are upper motor neuron lesion...
45  cards
Exam 3: Key Terms & Objectives
What is one thing you should neve...,
What type of ventilation will opt...,
Define bronchiectasis
11  cards
The Heart & Vascular Anatomy
What is the function of the serou...,
What are the three functions of t...,
The structure of the heart can be...
30  cards
Cardiac Physiology
Primary regulation of heart rate ...,
What effect do the following have...,
Parasympathetic fibers primarily ...
29  cards
AAA: Case Presentation
How do you set up the or for a aaa 4,
What drugs do you need during a a...,
What does high creatinine indicate
25  cards
Vascular Disease
What are the physiological,
How long is the aorta in cm,
What are the 3 branches off the a...
55  cards
What is the equation for bp relat...,
What are the 2 types of systemic htn,
What is the bp range for prehyper...
21  cards
Anesthetic Management for Vascular Surgery
What are 6 significant risk facto...,
What are 3 noninvasive cardiac ev...,
What are severe cardiac risk fact...
27  cards
What are the burn statistics gend...,
Name the types of burns 4,
The more viscous the scald type b...
40  cards
What is the leading cause of deat...,
What percentage of trauma related...,
What are the abcde of trauma eval...
35  cards
Cardio Pulmonary Bypass
During cpb venous blood flows in ...,
Blood flows through ______ and fi...,
Heat exchanger allows heating and...
60  cards
Exam 4: Key Terms & Objectives
Predictors of coagulopathy in tra...,
Carotid endarterectomy mortality ...,
Hypothermia physiological alterat...
19  cards

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