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Building Personal Capability - Communication
Guideline for written materials,
Longer contents
4  cards
Personal Capability - Emotional Intelligence & Decision Making
What is ei,
Benefits of ei,
Criticism of ei
8  cards
Personal Capability - Collaboration & Leadership
Group dynamics process,
Levels of listening,
Leverage group dynamics
20  cards
Personal Capabilty - Cultural Awareness & Inclusion
What can td professional do,
Promoting cultural awareness,
Cultural appreciation
3  cards
Personal Capability - Project Management
Examples of projects,
Phases of project management,
Critical roles
12  cards
Personal Capability - Compliance & Ethical Behavior
Are there laws for instructional ...,
Research codes of conduct,
Ethical areas of research
5  cards
Professional Capability - Learning Sciences
How do people learn multi store m...,
How do people learn deliberate pr...,
How do people learn deliberate pr...
32  cards
Professional Capability - Instructional Design
Most common isd models,
Phases of addie,
Writing learning objectives for m...
71  cards
Professional Capability - Training Delivery And Facilitation
12  cards
Professional Capability - Technology Application
How do we leverage social media i...,
How do we leverage social media i...,
1 9 90 rule
23  cards
Professional Capability - Knowledge Management
What is knowledge management,
Knowledge management examples,
Determining organizational prefer...
11  cards
Professional Capability - Career & Leadership Development
Culture of career development,
Evolution of leadership models,
Evolution of leadership models
23  cards
Professional Capability - Coaching
What is coaching,
Benefits of coaching culture,
Benefits of coaching culture
20  cards
Professional Capability - Evaluating Impact
What is evaluation,
Purposes of evaluation,
Ralph tyler goal attainment method
44  cards

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