aqa a level history: germany

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24 Reunification and the Condition of Germany by 1991
0  cards
Chapter 2 – Government And Opposition, 1871 To 1888 – Moves Towards Further Unification
Who was the national liberal leader,
How many laws were arranged by th...,
State 1 4 further unification law...
6  cards
Election Results
Number of seats in 1871 national ...,
Number of seats in zentrum,
Number of seats in 1871 the germa...
13  cards
Chapter 1 – Political Authority – Political Parties
List the 1871 political parties f...,
Who did the spd represent,
What did the spd support
24  cards
23 Social Developments, 1949-1989
0  cards
22 Economic Developments, 1949-1989
What are the causes of the econom...,
What did erhards social market ec...,
How was the social market economy...
23  cards
21 Extra-Parliamentary Opposition and Pressure, 1949-1989
0  cards
20 Government and Opposition, 1963-1989
0  cards
19 Political Authority, 1945-1963
When was adenauer chancellor,
When was erhard chancellor,
When was the grand coalition
13  cards
18 The Political, Economic and Social Condition of Germany by 1945
0  cards
17 Social Developments and Tensions
0  cards
16 Economic Developments
What were the main stages of the ...,
What was the impact of the wall s...,
When was the wall street crash
30  cards
15 Political Authority and Government, 1945-1949
0  cards
14 Government and Opposition to 1945
0  cards
13 Political Authority, 1929-1945
What did the elites hope hitler w...,
Name the 5 key individuals who he...,
Who was hindenburg
23  cards
12 The Political, Economic and Social Condition of Germany by 1929
0  cards
11 Social Developments
0  cards
10 Economic Developments
What did the government do instea...,
How much did the circulation of m...,
By how much did the national debt...
42  cards
9 Government and Opposition, 1924-1929
0  cards
8 Government and Opposition, 1914-1924
0  cards
7 Political Authority, 1914-1919
What did the start of the war do ...
1  cards
6 The Political, Economic and Social Condition of Germany by 1914
Define ingenuousness,
What was the new constitution lik...,
How was the position of chancello...
7  cards
5 Social Development
Who 4 were described as the elites,
3 features of elitism,
3 features of elitism anti semitism
31  cards
4 Economic Developments
Define indemnity,
Define recession,
What is provided easy credit for ...
48  cards
3 Government And Opposition, 1888-1914
Define narcissistic,
What was wilhelm ii s personality,
What did wilhelm ii declare about...
55  cards
2 Government Opposition: 1871 - 1888
Who was the most powerful party i...,
How many seats a did the most pop...,
What was the septennial law
71  cards
1 Political Authority
Characteristics of the second reich,
How many states were there what a...,
Who was the prime minister of pru...
35  cards
Development 1914-1924
What is the political truth occur...,
What is the siegfried,
What was the winter within world ...
15  cards
Development 1890-1914
What did the prussian school bill do,
Why did hohenlohe s concentration...,
When was the anti subversion bill...
60  cards
Development 1871-1890
What are two ways that bismarck h...,
What are two reasons why bismarck...,
Who was the leader of the nationa...
14  cards
1890-1917 Chancellors And Their Policies
Who are the four chancellors
1  cards

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