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Dissent and Revolution
What percentage of the russian po...,
How many workers on strike januar...,
What did the 1905 revolution brin...
30  cards
Consolidation 1918-1924
Problems the bolsheviks faced upo...,
What did bolsheviks call themselv...,
How many employees of the cheka 1...
28  cards
Rise to power
When did lenin have a series of s...,
When was lenins testament written...,
Stalin when and where was he born...
28  cards
economy and society
What month was stalins birthday n...,
What rejected art of the past wha...,
In ___ the soviet _____ __ ______...
11  cards
terror and control
When was the terror how many sovi...,
Reasons stalin was paranoid and f...,
Who wrote a document highly criti...
18  cards
Nep what were reintroduced what c...,
By ____ what increased by __ by s...,
By same year what crisis occurred...
3  cards
february revolution IN DEPTH
October manwhenwhat,
First year of war,
Underdeveloped industry first yea...
13  cards
October rev in depth
Petrograd soviet each regiment to...,
Lenin s initial impact the day af...,
Who was the minister of war why w...
14  cards
economy and society in depth
How many collective farms by ____...,
What did stalin call for against ...
32  cards
Defeat of the Germans, reasons and results, post war reconstruction
Reasons for the defeat of germany 4,
Hitler s strategic failures 1 wha...,
Soviet military reorganisation1 r...
9  cards
The transformation of the Soviet unions international position
The emergence of a superpower1 wh...,
1 what did the soviet union do to...,
The formation of the soviet blocw...
14  cards
Causes and course of the February rev
What brought the workers onto the...,
Why hadn t the tsar learnt from t...,
Timeline february to march
12  cards
Developments between revolutions
The return of lenin when did he r...,
Who did he persuade to do what,
Who was the minister for war what...
13  cards
Ideology and nature of leadership
What did the central committee cr...,
What was the orgburo,
Why and when was lenin less able ...
18  cards
Ideological debates and issues in the leadership struggle
Lenins testament who was lenins w...,
Issues with nep who wasn t it pop...,
Trotsky s mistakes 3
15  cards
Reasons for collectivisation,
13  cards
First 5 year plan
When was gosplan established what...,
Which two lines of thought compet...,
What two variants were there for ...
8  cards
2nd 5 year plan
Who was it under,
What were the aims of the second ...,
Success how many industrial proje...
4  cards
3rd 5 year plan
3rd 5 year plan datewho replaced ...,
Hinderances drafting process wint...,
Successes armamentstractor plants...
5  cards
5 year plan overall success
New industrial centres and projec...,
Society success urban population ...,
Society failures average floor sp...
7  cards
Damage to society 1 what percenta...,
Society by 1950 5 children in pre...,
Industry 4th 5 year plan
7  cards
October manifesto who was it by,
October manifesto what did it con...,
Duma what was it who was it domin...
10  cards
Transformation of international position
How did soviet union catch up wit...,
Issues with formation of the east...,
Formation of the eastern bloc 1 w...
11  cards

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