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What are radiographs,
What are the different interactio...,
What is attenuation mean
16  cards
Respiration Mechanics
What is respiration,
What is respiratory mechanics,
Why is respiratory mechanics impo...
27  cards
Respiration- Gas pressure
How do gases move down concentrat...,
What may concentration gradient b...,
What is the partial pressure of o...
20  cards
Introduction to pathology
What is pathology,
Why is pathology important,
What is aetiology
11  cards
What are the organs of the immune...,
What is the lymphatic system,
Purpose of lymphatic system
121  cards
Why is nutrition important,
What are the immediate causes of ...,
What are many diseases linked to
84  cards
Defence Cells
What is microbial dysbiosis,
What are some examples of innate ...,
What are thrombocytes responsible...
23  cards
Microbial Pathogenesis
What s the basic life cycle of a ...,
What is a pathogen,
What does exogenous mean
19  cards
What is pharmacology,
What is pharmacodynamics,
What is pharmakinetics
30  cards
Making a diagnosis
What are the steps in making a di...,
When does examination begin,
What do the following abbreviatio...
13  cards
Behavioural Science
What is involved in the behaviour...,
What are barriers to home toothbr...,
What are behavioural changed tech...
4  cards
Dental Caries
When is dental caries reversible,
What is treatments used for caries
23  cards
Gingival and periodontal disease
What is periodontology,
What are the periodontal tissues,
What is periodontal disease
21  cards
Head and Neck anatomy
How many cranial bones are there,
How many facial bones are there,
What are the 3 cranial sutures
49  cards
Clinical anatomy of the face
What are the two parts of the cra...,
What is the roof of the neurocran...,
What is the floor of the neurocra...
53  cards
Thorax and breathing
What are the three compartments o...,
What is the type of cartilage fou...,
What is the pectoral girdle
18  cards
Respiration Gas transport
What is the pulmonary system,
What is partial pressure,
What two forms can oxygen be carr...
18  cards
Respiration- control of breathing
What do the neural signals from c...,
What do neural signals from mecha...,
What do neural signals sent to re...
19  cards
Respiratory tract
What two components make up the r...,
What are the functions of the res...,
What structures make up the upper...
28  cards
What is the 5 as for evidence bas...
1  cards
Microbes in oral health and disease
What are the pro s of the balance...,
What are the con s of the balance...,
What are examples of innate immun...
11  cards
Respiration: Ventilation (V), Perfusion (Q) & V/Q Relationship
What is ventilation,
What is perfusion,
Why is ventilation not uniformly ...
18  cards
Endodontic Disease
What is endodontics,
What is dental pulp,
What is apical disease
13  cards
The neck
What is the beck divided into ant...,
What are the boundaries of the an...,
What are the boundaries of the po...
3  cards
Endocrine systems
What cells do hormones act in,
What is communication by hormones...,
What are examples of endocrine gl...
69  cards
Dietary Advice
What are the three most important...,
What factors would put a patient ...,
What are investigations required ...
18  cards
What is a biolfim,
What are the characteristics of b...,
What does planktonic mean
13  cards
Bones and joints
What type of cartilage is found a...,
What are the 2 types of bone,
What are the two types of bone ma...
18  cards
Human Physiology
What is the average input and out...,
What is function of glomerulus,
What is the rate of renal blood f...
72  cards
Acute inflammation
What is acute inflammation,
What are the three main processes...,
What are the 4 main causes of acu...
29  cards
What is the function of the ribcage,
What are the 2 functional parts o...,
What is articular cartilage also ...
18  cards
Kidney structure and function
What is the function of kidneys,
What do kidneys play an important...,
What is the function of the ureters
78  cards
Chronic inflammation
What is the difference between ac...,
What are the 3 main classes of ch...,
What is non specific chronic infl...
21  cards
Senses and perception
What are the two branches of a se...,
What is a nociceptor,
What does the distribution of rec...
49  cards
Cell injury
What is meant by reversible cell ...,
What is meant by irreversible cel...,
What can cause cell stress
50  cards
What is normal pain known as,
What axon corresponds to sharp st...,
What fibres are responsible for d...
22  cards
Reflex Movements
Are reflexes voluntary or involun...,
Where can you find motor neuron c...,
Where do motor efferent leave spi...
16  cards
Healing and repair
What are the four stages of healing,
What are labile cells,
What are stable cells
29  cards
Voluntary Movement
What are examples of semi automat...,
What are semi automatic actions d...,
What are central pattern generators
18  cards
What is an allergen,
What is type 1 hypersensitivity r...,
What can type 1 hypersensitivity ...
20  cards
Bacteria growth and identification
What do prokaryotes and eukaryote...,
What are pilli,
What type of salt agar is used fo...
23  cards
Growth disorders
What is agenesis aplasia,
What is atresia,
What is hypoplasia
32  cards
What is meant by neoplasm,
What are characteristics of a ben...,
What are characteristics of a mal...
37  cards

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