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YR10 Cells - Topic Test 1
Cell membrane,
Cell wall,
48  cards
YR10 DNA - Topic Test Revision
What makes up the dnas structure,
Function of dna,
Extracting dna crushing the straw...
42  cards
YR10 Genetics - Topic Test 3
Genotypeg e n,
Phenotypethe way,
Heterozygoushomologous chromosomes
22  cards
YR10 Evolution and Natural Selection Topic Test
Natural selection,
Artificial selection,
Comparative anatomy
20  cards
YR 10 Enzymes
Active site
7  cards
YR11 - Topic Test 1 - Cells, Moving Through Plasma Membrane
Prokaryotic cells vs eukaryotic c...,
60  cards
YR11 - Topic Test 2 - Adaptations, Homeostasis
Define adaptation,
Examples of physical structural a...,
Definition and examples of struct...
32  cards
YR11 - Topic Test - Mendelian Inheritance
36  cards
End of Year Exam Year 11
Stages of mitosis,
Differences between mitosis in a ...,
88  cards
Unit 3 AOS 1: Plasma Membrane
Fluid mosaic model,
53  cards
Unit 3 AOS 1: Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
Photosynthesis equation,
Light dependent inputs outputs lo...
41  cards
Unit 3 AOS1: DNA
Dna structure and function,
Dna vs rna,
Dna replication
63  cards
Unit 3 AOS 2: Immunity
68  cards
Unit 4 AOS 1: Mutations & Evolution
Block mutations,
4 types of block mutations ddit,
Point mutations
45  cards
Unit 4 AOS 2: DNA manipulation
Bacterial transformation,
47  cards
At extremely low oxygen levels im...,
The term used to indicate all the...,
A protein based fibre could be co...
8  cards
Unit 3 AOS1 - Gene Structure, Biochemical Pathways
Structure of eukaryotic genes,
Eukaryotic genes start and stop i...,
Eukaryotic cells promoter regions
22  cards
Unit 3 AOS 2 - Cell Communication
Stimulus response model,
Cell signalling molecules,
Cell signallingmode of transmissi...
19  cards

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