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Chapter 1 - Basics
3 types of barriers,
Only subjective component of tart
34  cards
Chapter 2 - Cervical
C1 has no ___ or ___,
Bifid spinous processes,
Articular pillars lateral masses ...
20  cards
Chapter 3 - Thoracic and Ribs
Location of spinous processes in ...,
Spine of scapula level,
Inferior angle of scapula level
26  cards
Chapter 4 - Lumbar
Why are disc herniations common i...,
Thoracic and lumbar nerve root is...,
Lumbar nerve roots exit through t...
30  cards
Chapter 5 - Scoliosis and Short Leg
At what age should children be ex...,
Steps to examine for scoliosis 3,
Cobb angle how to measure 3
20  cards
Chapter 6 - Innominate and Sacrum
True pelvic ligaments,
Accessory pelvic ligaments w orig...,
Pelvic ligament that divides the ...
31  cards
Chapter 7 - Upper Extremity
Rotator cuff muscles w function,
Primary flexor of armprimary abdu...,
Subclavian artery vs vein anatomy...
45  cards
Chapter 8 - Lower Extremity
Anterior vs posterior glide of th...,
Hip restricted to ir muscle spasms 2,
Hip restricted to er muscle spasms 5
27  cards
Chapter 9 - Craniosacral
Components of the primary respira...,
Attachments of the dura 4,
Cranial rhythmic impulserate
26  cards
Chapter 10 - Facilitation
3 places from which a segment can...,
Explain tart changes in the conte...,
Functions of rib raisinghow for s...
19  cards
Chapter 11 - Chapman's Points and Trigger Points
Description of anterior chapmans ...,
Description of posterior chapmans...,
Describe the pain from a chapmans...
9  cards
Chapter 12 - MFR
Mfr is direct indirect both and a...,
Direct treatment applying a ____ ...,
Mfr procedure 5
9  cards
Chapter 13 - Lymphatics
What drains into the r thoracic duct,
Where does the left major duct dr...,
What is the thoracic duct at what...
11  cards
Chapter 14 - Counterstrain and FPR
Counterstrain is passive active a...,
Tenderpoints are typically locate...,
Why is counterstrain held for 90 ...
26  cards
Chapter 15 - Muscle Energy
Explain how me post isometric rel...,
Explain how me reciprocal inhibit...,
Explain how me reciprocal inhibit...
26  cards
Chapter 16 - HVLA
Neurophysiology behind hvla,
Absolute contraindications to hvla 6,
Relative contraindications to hlva 6
13  cards
Chapter 17 - Articulatory
Purpose of articulatory techniques,
Articulatory rib raising supine d...,
Uses for spencer technique
5  cards
Chapter 18 - Special Tests
Wallenbergs test purposedescribe,
Underbergs test purposedescribe,
Adsons test purpose
17  cards

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