britain, conflict, revolution and settlement

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1.1 Why Did Monarchical Government Fail in the years 1625-1649?
10 reasons why monarchical govern...,
6 reasons why did charles 1 and p...,
Divine right of kings argument
80  cards
Topic 1 - background Facts
When did charles 1 take throne,
Line of succession and dates pre ...,
4  cards
1.2 To what extent did republican rule provide a stable government, 1649-1660
9 threats facing the commonwealth...,
Interegnum when,
Commonwealth when
36  cards
1.3 Why was the stuart monarchy restored in 1660 only to collapse 28 years later?
9 reasons why the stuart monarchy...,
How charles 2 was returned to the...,
Deceleration of breda
50  cards
2.1 How effectively did the church of england evolve in conditions of conflict and revolution
How effectively did the church of...,
1625 england was a state,
1688 england was a state
43  cards
2.2 Why did religious dissent and non-conformity increase in the years 1625-1688?
9 themes why did religious dissen...,
When did sects first begin to eme...,
Charles 1 and puritans
26  cards
2.3 Why and with what effects did fear of roman catholic influence increase under the stuart monarchs?
9 themes why and with what effect...,
Origins of anti catholicism,
Why was there widespread fear mis...
20  cards
3.1 why did the population of britain increase in the years 1625-88 and what impact did this have?
8 themes why did the population o...,
Population 1520 1680 figures,
What was the population growth ra...
24  cards
3.2 in what ways did the revolutionary event of the century effect the structure of society
7 themes in what ways did the rev...,
Power of the nobility explained,
Power of gentry explained
16  cards
3.3 What changes came about in the fields of science, philosophy and political ideas?
11 themes as to what changes came...,
Leveller when and who,
Levellers beliefs and what they did
31  cards
4.1 how far did agricultural techniques and investment impact on the economy?
8 themes as to how far did agricu...,
4 changes to agriculture,
Changes new crops
23  cards
4.2 What impact did changing trade patterns, banking and insurance have on economic development?
3 very important trade industries...,
Production and sales of woolen cl...,
3 examples of regional specialisa...
19  cards
4.3 how significant was imperial expansion between 1625 and 1688 to the economy
Why colonise north america and ja...,
Very first early colonisation 1500s,
North america colonisation trade ...
39  cards
5.1 how significant were revolutionary ideals in the establishment of a constitutional monarchy?
4 factors as to how significant w...,
Basic narrative for 1687 to 1702,
Motivations behind overthrowing j...
17  cards
5.2 what was the impact of the toleration act of 1689 and the end of anglican supremacy?
5 themes as to what was the impac...,
What did william want removed tha...,
What was the compromise in not re...
9  cards
5.3 how significant was the triennial act of 1694 in promoting parliamentary power?
8 themes as to how significant wa...,
Problem between william and mary,
1690 ish who had majority in parl...
21  cards
5.4 how important were williams wars in the development of a financial revolution?
6 themes as to how important were...,
Who was the nine years war between,
Why did the nine years war come a...
26  cards
How glorious was the glorious revolution - view points
Whig tradition,
How strong is the whig view seen ...,
Revisionist interpretation
4  cards

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britain, conflict, revolution and settlement

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