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Animal Hormones
Performance enhancing drugs and o...,
The main effect of steroids and s...,
Hormones are _____ and what is th...
65  cards
Nutrition, Digestion, Absorption
T f heterotrophs depend on organi...
140  cards
Ecology: Patterns and Processes
What is ecology,
Three questions to ask in ecology,
Ecology vs environmentalism
33  cards
Ecology: Distribution
If a species is found here,
If a species isn t found,
Biogeographic regions
34  cards
Ecology: Patterns of Population Growth
Population size is affected by 4 ...,
Density is measured by
39  cards
Ecology: Species Interactions
A species can exist alone,
27  cards
Ecology: Community Eco
Individualistic hypothesis,
Interactive hypothesis,
Tropic levels are defined by
30  cards
Neurons and Nervous Systems
What s wrong with using hormones ...,
Neurons are excitable what does t...,
What are neurons
144  cards
Sensory Systems
Sensory receptor cells,
Most sensory cells are ______ spe...,
Membrane receptor proteins
131  cards
The Muscle System
Musculoskeletal system,
Muscles and skeletons are ____ th...,
3 types of vertebret muscle
99  cards
The immune system must be absolut...,
The immune system must be ____ to...,
Two general types of defense
135  cards
Does genotype fully or partly det...,
24  cards
What is microevolution,
Common perception of evolution,
Evolutionary biologists use evolu...
32  cards
Phylogenetic tree,
37  cards
Basic Evolutionary Genetics
Why did people who had unprotecte...,
The ccr5 is a ______ protein foun...,
Hiv virus has ____ form s and the...
90  cards
The heart, kidney, and circulatory/excretory system
The surface area of respiratory o...,
Highly folded and branched extens...,
Internal cavities for gas exchang...
187  cards
Stupid Plants
Describe the formation of a new p...,
The division of plant cells creat...,
Functions of the root system
97  cards
Transport in Stupid Plants
Water potential differences _____...,
What is water potential,
Equation for water potential
34  cards
Phreakin Photosynthesis
What is the equation for photosyn...,
The experiment they used to decid...,
Molecules become ___ when the abs...
53  cards
Plant Hormones
Stages of the embryo developmenta...,
Stages of seedling growth,
Stages of a mature plants growth
74  cards
Evolution Model Equations
If two alleles b and b were broug...,
Hardy weinberg equilibrium equati...,
Method to solve h w problems
8  cards
EEMB 3: Microbial Biology
What is mineralizing,
What performs minerlization,
T f the body consists of as many ...
263  cards
EEMB 3: Animals
What feature distinguish animals ...,
T f animals can consume organic a...,
Animals lack the ability to form ...
179  cards
EEMB 3: Animals - Arthropods
What group of animals dominate th...,
Athropods branch from what linage...,
What is the key characteristic of...
55  cards
EEMB 3: Animals - Echinoderms
T f echinoderms are also found on...,
What type of skeleton do echinode...,
What type of vascular system do e...
21  cards
EEMB: Animals - Chordates
The acorn worms are under what ph...,
Marine deuterostomes are what,
What body structure was a importa...
23  cards
EEMB: Animals - Vertebrates
Major characteristics of verterbr...,
T f true powered flight evolved i...,
What separates the vertebrates fr...
32  cards
EEMB 3: Plants
Scientific name for land plants,
Common feature that all land plan...,
Name the groups of vascular plants
222  cards

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