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Operating systems overview( Comptia Objective 1.1)
Why do you need an os,
What is an os a common platform for,
Standard os features include
21  cards
An Overview Of Windows 7( Comptia Objective 1.2)
When did extended support for win...,
What were some new features that ...,
What are the 6 versions of windows 7
13  cards
An Overview of Windows 8 and 8.1(Comptia Objective 1.2)
What were some changes made with ...,
What was released on october 17 2...,
When did mainstream support for w...
9  cards
An Overview of Windows 10( Comptia Objective 1.2)
When was windows 10 introduced,
What was the purpose of windows 10,
Microsoft windows 10 is known as a
12  cards
Windows in the Enterprise( Comptia Objective 1.2)
What are some challenges with run...,
What is active directory domain s...,
What file system does the efs enc...
5  cards
Installing Operating Systems( Comptia Objective 1.3)
What is a very common form of a b...,
What is another form of boot medi...,
What is pxe pixie
30  cards
Installing and upgrading Windows( Comptia Objective 1.3)
Before installing windows to a st...,
What are some other requirements ...,
How would you perform a clean ins...
10  cards
Microsoft Command Line Tools( Comptia Objective 1.4)
In command prompt in windows what...,
In order to run command prompt as...,
If you are lost and aren t sure o...
51  cards
Network Command Line Tools( Comptia Objective 1.4)
What well known command is a go t...,
If we want to get more detailed i...,
What command can be used to confi...
8  cards
Windows Administrative Tools(Comptia Objective 1.5)
What is the computer management i...,
What can you type to open a clean...,
Why do we need the device manager
15  cards
Windows Firewall with Advanced Security( Comptia Objective 1.5)
What is a stateful firewall,
The windows firewall is now known as,
What is the basic functionality o...
5  cards
System Configuration(Comptia Objective 1.5)
What is another name for system c...,
Other than typing msconfig into t...,
Under the general tab inside syst...
10  cards
Task Manager( Comptia Objective 1.5)
What is the main purpose of the t...,
Unlike in windows 7 you no longer...,
What kind of information can be v...
6  cards
Disk Management( Comptia Objective 1.5)
What is the primary purpose of di...,
What is an important factor to co...,
When talking about disk status wh...
12  cards
System Utilities( Comptia Objective 1.5)
What is the run line and what can...,
You can use the search bar run or...,
How can you open the windows comm...
15  cards
The Control Panel( Comptia Objective 1.6)
Inside of the control panel where...,
What is listed under the general ...,
What is listed under the security...
27  cards
Installing Applications( Comptia Objective 1.7)
What is one important thing to kn...,
What are some very important syst...,
What are some common application ...
5  cards
Homegroups, Workgroups, and Domains( Comptia Objective 1.8)
When it comes to organizing netwo...,
What functionality does windows w...,
What functionality does windows d...
7  cards
Windows Network Technologies( Comptia Objective 1.8)
What are the 3 network profiles i...,
What are the two simplified netwo...,
If you are running a home version...
9  cards
Establishing Windows Network Connections( Comptia Objective 1.8)
Inside of windows where would you...,
What is a vpn concentrator and wh...,
What is built into windows to all...
6  cards
Configuring Windows Firewall( Comptia Objective 1.8)
What is required to turn windows ...,
If there ever was a situation whe...,
What are some of the exceptions t...
3  cards
Windows IP Address Configuration( Comptia Objective 1.8)
If your system starts up and a dh...,
If you didn t want to use a dhcp ...,
What is another important ip addr...
4  cards
Network Adapter Properties( Comptia Objective 1.8)
When you are troubleshooting a ne...,
How would you go about configurin...,
What is another useful feature th...
5  cards
Best Practices for macOS( Comptia Objective 1.9)
What is the built in backup progr...,
In macos how would you schedule d...,
In macos what provides centralize...
5  cards
macOS Tools( Comptia Objective 1.9)
What can be used to automatically...,
Like windows macos also provides ...,
What can be used to manage disks ...
7  cards
macOS Features( Comptia Objective 1.9)
In macos what can be used to view...,
What is integrated into macos to ...,
To search for files apps or image...
9  cards
Best Practices for Linux ( Comptia Objective 1.9)
What is one of the big benefits o...,
What command utility in linux wou...,
What is one of the benefits when ...
9  cards
Linux Tools( Comptia Objective 1.9)
When performing backups what is a...,
Like in windows in linux there ar...,
What is one benefit of linux os w...
5  cards
Basic Linux Commands( Comptia Objective 1.9)
In linux the command prompt utili...,
If you want to see the manual for...,
Similar to windows command prompt...
22  cards
Physical Security( Comptia Objective 2.1)
What security method has an area ...,
What are some examples of door ac...,
How do smart cards work
12  cards
Logical Security( Comptia Objective 2.2)
What is commonly used in the work...,
How are active directories common...,
What is commonly used to centrall...
23  cards
Wireless Security( Comptia Objective 2.3)
What is wireless encryption and w...,
What is wpa encryption,
What is temporal key integrity pr...
8  cards
Types Of Malware/ Anti-Malware Tools ( Comptia Objective 2.4)
What is ransomware and how does i...,
What is crypto malware and how do...,
What is trojan horse malware and ...
18  cards
Social Engineering Attacks( Comptia Objective 2.5)
When it comes to social engineeri...,
What exactly is social engineerin...,
What is phishing and how does it ...
8  cards
Denial Of Service/ Zero Day Attacks (Comptia Objective 2.5)
What is a denial of service and h...,
What is a friendly dos denial of ...,
What is a distributed denial of s...
6  cards
Man-in-the-Middle/ Brute Force Attacks (Comptia Objective 2.5)
What is a man in the middle attac...,
What are some ways you can mitiga...,
What is a brute force attack how ...
5  cards
Spoofing/ Non-compliant Systems (Comptia Objective 2.5)
What does the term spoofing mean ...,
What is mac spoofing how does it ...,
What is ip address spoofing how d...
5  cards
Windows Security Settings(Comptia Objective 2.6)
What are the various types of use...,
When it comes to groups in window...,
What are the differences between ...
10  cards
Workstation Security Best Practices(Comptia Objective 2.7)
What are some principles of passw...,
What are some important principle...,
What are some important principle...
10  cards
Securing Mobile Devices(Comptia Objective 2.8)
What are the various types of scr...,
After 10 failed attempts of unloc...,
What happens after a certain numb...
19  cards
Data Destruction and Disposal(Comptia Objective 2.9)
What are some examples of physica...,
What are certificates of destruct...,
What is an alternative to physica...
5  cards
Securing a SOHO Network(Comptia Objective 2.10)
How does ssid management work and...,
Why is wireless encryption of you...,
What is an important thing to con...
13  cards
Troubleshooting Windows( Comptia Objective 3.1)
When it comes to troubleshooting ...,
You may commonly run into an issu...,
How can you go about troubleshoot...
14  cards
Troubleshooting Solutions( Comptia Objective 3.1)
What is defragmentation and how d...,
What is one of the most common tr...,
What is another good alternative ...
18  cards
Troubleshooting Security Issues( Comptia Objective 3.2)
What are some things you need to ...,
If you start noticing that your b...,
What should you do if you start s...
10  cards
Removing Malware( Comptia Objective 3.3)
How can you go about identifying ...,
After identifying malware on your...,
After quarantining the malware in...
9  cards
Troubleshooting Mobile Apps( Comptia Objective 3.4)
If you re having an issue with a ...,
If you re having issues with a mo...,
If you re having an issue broadca...
13  cards
Troubleshooting Mobile Device Security( Comptia Objective 3.5)
If you are in an area with low si...,
What should you make sure you do ...,
If you re unsure if you have a go...
9  cards
Documentation Best Practices(Comptia Objective 4.1)
What is an important thing to rem...,
Different organizations will have...,
Different organizations will have...
16  cards
Change Management( Comptia Objective 4.2)
What is change control and why is...,
When it comes to the scope of a c...,
When it comes to risk analysis of...
8  cards
Disaster Recovery (Comptia Objective 4.3)
What is an image level backup,
What is a file level backup,
Critical application backups are ...
9  cards
Safety Procedures/ Managing ESD( Comptia Objective 4.4)
What is super important to rememb...,
What are some extremely important...,
What are some examples of toxic w...
9  cards
Environmental Impacts( Comptia Objective 4.5)
Where can you go to get more info...,
What kind of information can be f...,
What are some elements of room co...
8  cards
Privacy, Licensing and Policies( Comptia Objective 4.6)
What are the various steps involv...,
How do you go about documenting a...,
Why is incident response chain of...
10  cards
Communication/ Professionalism ( Comptia Objective 4.7)
Communication in it is a very imp...,
What is jargon what can we do abo...,
What are some things to know abou...
11  cards
Remote Access Technologies ( Comptia Objective 4.9)
What allows you to view and work ...,
What is an unsecure console type ...,
What is the secure alternative to...
5  cards
Scripting( Comptia Objective 4.8)
What is the purpose of scripting ...,
What are some scripting basics,
What are some scripting data types
11  cards

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