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Cardiac History
What comprises 80 of all cardiology,
Is chest pain a good descriptive ...,
What are good descriptive terms f...
33  cards
Cardiac Physical Exam
Why is the eye exam important for...,
What 3 blood pressures must you t...,
Should the leg bp be higher or lo...
87  cards
Cell & Membrane Physiology
What are the 4 characteristics of...,
What connections exist between ca...,
Where is the sinoatrial node sa n...
42  cards
Essentials of EKG
What happened in 1901,
What happened between 1934 1938,
What happened in 1942
109  cards
Electrophysiology of the Heart
What is preload,
What is the directional orientati...,
When a wave of energy is going to...
33  cards
Clinical EKGs
If you have a pr interval greater...,
If you have a qrs interval greate...,
What again are the abnormal qtc i...
49  cards
Adrenergic Physiology
What does the sympathetic nervous...,
What are the endogenous neurotran...,
What is similar in molecular stru...
31  cards
Cardiac Cycle
What is the normal pressure of th...,
What is the systolic pressure of ...,
What is the diastolic pressure of...
60  cards
What is the function of the cardi...,
What is the function of all 12 bo...,
What is the principle mechanism f...
70  cards
Cardiac Output
How do we normalize cardiac outpu...,
Does cardiac index change with age,
What is cardiac output co
54  cards
Muslce Physiology
In skeletal muscle does the ap pr...,
What does the architecture look l...,
Does cardiac muscle make junction...
32  cards
Venous Return
For co to go up must venous retur...,
What happens to co if right atria...,
What happens to co if right atria...
22  cards
Arterial Blood Pressure & Flow
What is responsible for the stead...,
What is systolic pressure,
What is diastolic pressure
26  cards
Peripheral Vasculature
What happens to blood flow after ...,
Are capillaries different in each...,
How do the pulmonary and systemic...
37  cards
Coordinated Vascular Response
Is the right side of the heart mo...,
Is the left side of the heart mor...,
Are the vascular beds arranged in...
43  cards
Pathology of Vasculitis
What is vasculitis,
What things are important to keep...,
If there are immune complexes ass...
49  cards
Vascular Neoplasms
What is a cavernous hemangioma,
With what disease is a cavernous ...,
What is a capillary hemangioma
17  cards
Reperfusion Injury
What happens to the cardiomyocyte...,
What happens to the cardiomyocyte...,
Why is timely reperfusion necessary
17  cards
Pathology of Atherosclerosis
What is the leading cause of deat...,
What is arteriosclerosis,
What are the 3 pathologic pattern...
46  cards
Clinical Atherosclerosis
If you have symptomatic periphera...,
If you have diagnosed peripheral ...,
Where is most pad
39  cards
Clinical Aortic Disease
For what do diseases of the aorta...,
What happens to the aorta in term...,
What happens to the aorta in term...
47  cards
Adrenergic Drugs
What is norepinephrine,
What will norepinephrine do to sy...,
What will norepinephrine do to hr
49  cards
Genes and Atherosclerosis
Is atherosclerosis a multifactori...,
What is the estimated risk effect...,
Is someone with familial combined...
50  cards
Aortic Pathology
What is an aneurysm,
Where do most atherosclerotic aor...,
What is characteristic of atheros...
14  cards
CAD and MI
What is ischemic heart disease ihd,
What is myocardial ischemia,
What is the most common cause of ...
61  cards
Clinical Myocardial Infarction
What classically precipitates angina,
What is stable angina,
What is acute coronary syndrome acs
73  cards
Coagulation Part I
What 2 things does endothelial ce...,
What will platelets do upon activ...,
What are the two systems of secon...
65  cards
Coagulation Part II
How do you initially manage throm...,
What are the 2 causes for low pla...,
What produces platelets
62  cards
Coagulants, Anticoagulants, and Thrombolytics
What are 3 general causes of coag...,
For what can we use fresh blood a...,
What do we use factor 8 to treat
48  cards
Clinical CHF
What 2 formulas must we absolutel...,
What dictates the co,
Is the systemic vascular resistan...
38  cards
What is the functional unit of th...,
What is the role of the kidney,
What of the blood is filtered thr...
26  cards
What is the bp range for pre hype...,
What is stage 1 hypertension,
What is stage 2 hypertension
39  cards
With statin therapy how long does...,
How long does it take for statin ...,
What are antihyperlipidemics or h...
25  cards
Cardiac Valve Pathology
When do valvular diseases become ...,
How are valvular diseases broadly...,
What is a valvular disorder calle...
49  cards
Pathology of Endocarditis
What is endocarditis,
What is the most common cause of ...,
What happens during the pathogene...
27  cards
Clinical Valvular Heart Disease
What are murmurs,
What are the components of the valve,
What is a murmur caused by a prim...
34  cards
Microbiology of Infectious Endocarditis
How serious is infective endocard...,
What 2 microorganisms account for...,
What microorganism causes rheumat...
25  cards
Clinical Endocarditis
What is infective endocarditis,
What makes up the vegetation of ie,
Even though ie most commonly invo...
40  cards
Congenital Heart Defects
What is a congenital heart defect,
What are the causes of congenital...,
What is a mild congenital heart d...
61  cards
Cardiac Tumors
What is a myxoma,
What is the most common primary c...,
Where do myxomas usually form
20  cards
Pericardial Disorders
How much fluid is normally presen...,
What is a pericardial effusion,
What is a hemopericardium
21  cards
Pathology of Cardiomyopathies
What is cardiomyopathy,
What is dilated cardiomyopathy,
What is the most common form of c...
15  cards
Pathology of CHF
What is chf,
What can cause left sided heart f...,
What are the clinical features of...
9  cards
Hypertensive Heart Disease
Does systemic hypertension affect...,
Does portal hypertension affect t...,
What can left sided hypertensive ...
6  cards
Myocarditis and other Cardiac Disease
What is the most common cause of ...,
What causes myocarditis more in s...,
What else can cause myocarditis
16  cards
Clinical Cardiomyopathy
What is restrictive cardiomyopath...,
What is obstructive cardiomyopathy,
What do we have to know about tb
24  cards
Anemia and Thalassemia
What are 3 ways to think about an...,
How should you approach a pt with...,
What should you think if you see ...
47  cards
What is a microcytic anemia,
What is a macrocytic anemia,
How much total iron is in the body
41  cards
Clinical Congenital Heart Defects
What is eisenmengers syndrome,
What type of s2 murmur is heard w...,
What is a good anatomical landmar...
7  cards

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