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Terminology #1
20  cards
History on Dentistry
Who was the first woman to gradua...,
Who is known as the father of mod...,
What is the famous hippocratic oath
16  cards
Why is studying microbiology impo...,
What are pathogens,
What are the five major groups of...
23  cards
General Anatomy
The body standing erect with the ...
14  cards
The professional Dental Assistant
Why should show professionalism,
The team in teamwork means,
What are the characteristics of t...
18  cards
Instrument #2
Right angle attachment for slow s...,
Disposable prophy angle attachmen...,
Enamel hatchet
8  cards
The Dental Health Care Team
The members of the dental health ...,
Is the licensed dental profession...,
The american dental association c...
10  cards
General Physiology
This skeleton has 126 bones which...,
Has 206 bones the skull spine and...,
Is an age related disease of the ...
28  cards
Disease Transmission and Infection Control
Chain of infection has four parts,
Refers to the degree of pathogeni...,
Is one that may have severe sympt...
36  cards
Communication ion the Dental Office
A dental assistants voice quality...,
What are the two categories of co...,
A dental assistant must be aware ...
9  cards
Oral Embryology and Histology
The study of the structure and fu...,
The three periods of prenatal dev...,
The first signs of tooth developm...
21  cards
Principles and Techniques of Disinfection
These surfaces must be more rigor...,
The current osap infection contro...,
Surface contamination has two met...
13  cards
Head and Neck Anatomy
The human skull is divided into t...,
8 bones and covers and protects t...,
Forms the prominence of the cheek...
20  cards
Dentistry, Ethics, and the Law
The dental specialty that involve...,
The dental specialty that involve...,
The dental specialty that became ...
36  cards
Principles and Techniques of Instrument Processing and Sterilization
The classification of categories ...,
The process that kills all microo...,
When processing instruments a den...
26  cards
Landmarks of the Face and Oral Cavity
The rectangular area between the ...,
What forms the chin,
The angle at the corner of the mo...
15  cards
Regulatory and Advisory Agencies
Issues rules and regulations with...,
Is the dentistrys resource for in...,
Is the leading federal agency for...
10  cards
California Dental Practice Act
Apply and activate bleaching agen...,
Who can perform intraoral and ext...,
Use of automated caries detection...
61  cards
Overview of the Dentition
Is your first set of teeth,
Primary dentition is also known as,
Are the 20 permanent teeth that r...
27  cards
Chemical and Waste Management
The method for chemical exposer i...,
A victim that feels the effects i...,
Repeating exposure to chemical a ...
19  cards
Exam one
Microorganims that produce diseas...,
The variety of bacteria that requ...,
The most resistant form of life k...
22  cards
A reach that is created by the sw...,
Ergonomics is,
Repetitive motion over flexion an...
7  cards
Tooth Morphology
The third molar and the _________...,
The smallest teeth in permanent d...,
The _________ are the longest tee...
21  cards
Dental Caries
Two specific groups of bacteria r...,
The bacteria that cause caries ar...,
Factors necessary for caries to d...
11  cards
The Patient Record
The patient record contains the c...,
The permanent patient is consider...,
All dental practices now have a w...
17  cards
The Dental Office
The design of the dental office s...,
Reception areaadminstrative busin...,
A control center of the clinical ...
12  cards
Vital Signs
Is the process of physical and ch...,
The average range of the bodys or...,
Temperatures can be taken using
13  cards
Periodontal Disease
Is made up of the structures that...,
Are the leading cause of tooth lo...,
People with periodontal disease h...
11  cards
Delivering Dental Care
A brief meeting or review of the ...,
Initiating a conversation and ask...,
Is the process of the operator an...
15  cards
Preventive Dentistry
The goal of preventive dentistry is,
Components or preventive dentistr...,
A successful preventive dentistry...
19  cards
The medically and physically compromised patient
Provides a national mandate for t...,
Fastest growing segment of us pop...,
Patients can be categorized into ...
21  cards

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