12. effective supervisory practices

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Copy of ESP Chapter 17 - Questions - Sheet1
Ethics based on,
Public servant
19  cards
Copy of ESP Chapter 16 - Questions - Sheet1
Quality customer service is defin...,
Quality customer service has 3 qu...,
36  cards
Copy of ESP Chapter 15 - Questions - Sheet1
Governments most important financ...,
What establishes plans and priori...,
Budget process takes __ to __ months
44  cards
Copy of ESP Chapter 14 - Questions - Sheet1
How long does workman s comp clai...,
How long does a workman s comp cl...,
__ fatalities from unintentional ...
23  cards
Copy of ESP Chapter 13 - Questions - Sheet1
What skill determines overall eff...,
Every gripe that s ignored can be...,
26  cards
Copy of ESP Chapter 12 - Questions - Sheet1
Critical role of supervisor,
Negative form of discipline,
Poor performance traced to
45  cards
Copy of ESP Chapter 11 - Questions - Sheet1
Changed monitored 2 dimensions,
A model of the change process,
Steps in change project
25  cards
Copy of ESP Chapter 10 - Questions - Sheet1
Lower level need,
Higher level need,
What motivates us
30  cards
Copy of ESP Chapter 09 - Questions - Sheet1
14  cards
Copy of ESP Ch 08 - Sheet1
Studies show that __ or more of t...,
Six components of communications,
Two types of communication
36  cards
Copy of ESP Ch 07 - Sheet1
Effective supervisors treat perfo...,
The evaluation process establishe...,
A formal evaluation process does ...
28  cards
Copy of ESP Ch 06 - Sheet1
In most jurisdictions the _____ _...,
Equal employment guidelines say s...,
You and the applicant will learn ...
26  cards
Copy of ESP Ch 05 - Sheet1
The organization shown on an org ...,
The informal organization exists ...,
The major models of formal organi...
20  cards
Copy of ESP Ch 04 - Sheet1
Good planning can 4,
For supervisors planning means de...,
A written plan cannot be ____
18  cards
Copy of ESP Ch 03 - Sheet1
Leadership is an influence proces...,
Leadership requires the ________ ...,
Leadership is the exertion of ___...
25  cards
Copy of ESP Ch 02 - Sheet1
Four categories of competing valu...,
Two axes of competing values fram...,
Flexibility change skills in comp...
32  cards
Copy of ESP Ch 01 - Sheet1
Four specific factors are changin...,
______________ have largely trans...,
When work is decentralized both s...
38  cards

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12. effective supervisory practices

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