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Foundations ch 5
As a beauty professional you shou...,
Which standards address issues re...,
The vast majority of contaminants...
25  cards
Foundations ch 6
A reducing agent ________subtract...,
Which of the following is an exam...,
Which of the following is an exam...
38  cards
Foundations ch 7
Constant and direct current that ...,
For safety use no more than _____...,
For safety use no more than _____...
25  cards
Foundations ch 9
Tips are income and must be track...,
A salary plus commission arrangem...,
The best way to record your tips ...
6  cards
Foundations ch 10
The kinds of services your busine...,
Which of the following is the bes...,
Which of the following is an owne...
20  cards
Esthetics ch 1
What is a dye derived from leaves...,
Someone in which career needs to ...,
What is a likely trend in the est...
20  cards
Esthetics ch 7
The proper spa experience should ...,
What is a bolster used for disinf...,
Which treatment cannot be done in...
34  cards
Esthetics ch 8
What should you do for about 15 m...,
What should you do after cleansin...,
What should female clients be ins...
55  cards
Esthetics ch 12 Makeup Essentials
What is the term for colors that ...,
What is not one of the reasons es...,
What is not true of primers they ...
40  cards
Esthetics ch 13 Advanced Topics and Treatments
What is a procedure that only phy...,
What does the esthetician use to ...,
What is a ryhtidectomygreat enhan...
40  cards
What is protoplasm,
What bone forms the back of the s...,
What is a connection between two ...
65  cards
physiology and histology
When do free radicals produce mor...,
What causes injured skin to resto...,
What is the dermis
55  cards
final exam
What does the liver discharge,
Where does the skin eliminate sal...,
Lungs exhale
6  cards

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