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Medicines And Therapeutics In Oral Medicine
What 3 main types of medication a...,
What is a licensed medicine,
What is an unlicensed medicine wh...
25  cards
Normal Anatomy In Oral Medicine
What are these,
What is this,
What is this
9  cards
Oral Mucosal Disease
When and where is referral needed,
What epithelium is the oral mucosa,
What is acanthosis
28  cards
Oral Ulceration And Recurrent Apthous Ulcers
What may cause ulceration,
What are often the causes of sing...,
What questions should i ask about...
17  cards
Lichen Planus
How can lichen planus present on ...
20  cards
Vesiculobullous Disease
What immune reactions can the bod...,
Give some diseases that produce l...,
Give some systemic diseases that ...
31  cards
Salivary Issues
What are the functions of saliva,
Give some common causes of dry mouth,
Give some common xerostomia causi...
23  cards
Salivary Gland Enlargement
Give some reasons there may be ch...,
Give some symptoms of mumps,
How can hiv affect salivary glands
8  cards
Sjogrens Syndrome
How can sjogren s syndrome be cla...,
Aeitiology of sjogrens,
Consequences of sjogren s syndrome
11  cards
Systemic Disease And The Mouth
What are the two common dental ma...,
What is ectodermal dysplasia,
What presentations may show in so...
19  cards
Ofg vs angio oedema,
Histology of ofg vs ao,
What type of hypersensitivity rea...
10  cards
Hypersensitivity Reactions
What occurs in a t1 hypersensitiv...,
What is a t2 hypersensitivity rea...,
What is a t3 hypersensitivity rea...
4  cards
Orofacial Pain
How can pain often refer in the h...,
Afferent vs efferent,
How can autonomic nerve referred ...
24  cards
Oral Medicine Multi Disciplinary Case
What is the appearance of verruca...,
What is hpv,
Common features of low risk hpv
10  cards
Drugs Used
Give a systemic steroid used in o...,
Method of action of prednisolone,
Side fx of prednisolone
12  cards
What is sle,
Common eitology of sle,
Pathogenesis of sle
9  cards
Oral Viral Infections
8 stages of hsv replication,
Appropriate tests for viral infec...,
Clinical features of hsv
12  cards
Oral Candida - DIAN
Presentation of pseudomembranous ...,
Tx of pseudomembranous candidiasis,
Appearance of chronic hyperplasti...
9  cards
Pathology Of Salivary Gland Tumours
Why may there be changes in saliv...,
Distribution s of salivary gland ...,
Clinical features of major saliva...
14  cards
Potentially Malignant Disorders And Oral Cancer
Define potentially malignant lesion,
Define potentially malignant cond...,
Give some potentially malignant c...
26  cards
Dysplasia And Oral Cancer
2 distinct disease patters of ora...,
What gender is occ and opc more c...,
High risk sites of mouth cancer
22  cards
Reacitve Lesions Of Mucosa
What causes elongated rete ridges,
What is atrophy,
What is erosion
18  cards
Benign Odontogenic Tumours
0  cards
Malignant Odontogenic Tumours
0  cards

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