final exams - 2nd year

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2016 anatomy
Which germ layer contributes to t...,
What is a component of a full ter...,
Low amount of amniotic fluid will...
20  cards
2015 anatomy
What defines a motor unit a any m...,
Which of the following structures...,
Which of the following cell diffe...
30  cards
2014 anatomy
Which of the following is an exam...,
If you flex your elbow 90 degrees...,
Nuclei are not on the same line i...
23  cards
2013 anatomy
What happens in the early stages ...,
What type of epithelia is present...,
What is the function of osteoblas...
21  cards
2012 anatomy
During parasitic infection which ...,
If you flex your arm 90 degrees a...,
What is a nissl body
19  cards
2011 anatomy
In which anatomical position is t...,
Which of the following is a deriv...,
What is the indicator for the ini...
22  cards
2016 biochem
Which if adds aa trna to the p si...,
In a pcr 20 cycles what is the nu...,
Deficiency of vit c and cu will r...
23  cards
2015 biochem
What is the change that occurs in...,
Which structure level is altered ...,
The deletion of phe508 in cystic ...
34  cards
2014 biochem
What drives the pumping of h matr...,
What is true about the digestive ...,
Which enzyme provide proof readin...
31  cards
2013 biochem
Which of the following has a role...,
What is true about collagen prote...,
Which of the following activates ...
37  cards
2012 biochem
Which is the following is the mos...,
Which of the following activates ...,
What is the cofactor associated f...
28  cards
2011 biochem
Which of the following shows a va...,
Which amino acid deletion is resp...,
What is the most common sequence ...
32  cards
2016 physiology
What is the osmolarity of 250ml 0...,
Poor circulation to the tissue ma...,
100 gram tissue left to dry and i...
18  cards
2015 physiology
A man had a total vascular resist...,
Why can t elderly cope with exces...,
Which term is used when a membran...
24  cards
2014 physiology
What is the major source of calci...,
What occurs when the body set poi...,
What is the major reason for decr...
22  cards
2013 physiology
When the blood flow changes from ...,
Which of the following is importa...,
How long do sodium channels stay ...
15  cards
2012 physiology
If the tissue is dehydrated and 9...,
Which one is a characteristic of ...,
Which one is a cause of extracell...
12  cards
2011 physiology
What is the method of regulation ...,
What is the function of myosin i,
What is the role of microtubule a...
23  cards
2016 FB2
A healthy working environment dec...,
Which cell wall structure helps c...,
What does the pertussis vaccine c...
61  cards
2015 FB2
What is the cell wall component t...,
What is a characteristic of vibri...,
Which organism can spread by tatt...
76  cards
2014 FB2
What is the causative agent of me...,
What is the most infection associ...,
What is the causative organism of...
72  cards
2013 FB2
What does burkholderia pseudomall...,
Which organism causes rose spots ...,
Which diarrhoeagenic e coli cause...
59  cards
2012 FB2
Which of the following is associa...,
What is the most common route of ...,
Which of the following have a liv...
11  cards
2011 FB2
A man suffered from severe pain i...,
What is most likely to result in ...,
Which of the following is a non c...
65  cards
2010 FB2
A 10 year old child presented wit...,
A leukemic patient with productiv...,
Which of the following organism h...
58  cards
2016 I&I
Immunoglobulin that passes throug...,
How do cytotoxic t cells kill vir...,
Which technique is best suited fo...
13  cards
2015 I&I
What is the mechanism of action o...,
What type of hypersensitivity rea...,
What characterizes pneumococcal c...
31  cards
2014 I&I
Which of the following is the tre...,
What characterizes congenital lis...,
What is the antibiotic that is us...
26  cards
2013 I&I
If a lymphatic nodule has a germi...,
Which of the following infections...,
Which vaccine type shouldn t be g...
23  cards
2011 I&I
Which of the following is found i...,
A child is living in a poor famil...,
What are cyclical neutropenia and...
37  cards
2010 I&I
What makes an adolescent more vul...,
Where are radio labeled leukocyte...,
Salmonella is most likely found i...
40  cards

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