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Within the special reproductive e...,
Endometrial biopsy when should be...,
What is important about interpret...
100  cards
Horses 2
What are the 7 main differential ...,
Acute colitis how important is th...,
Problem list for acute enteritis ...
106  cards
Hypotention what to do in that si...,
Reasons for hypotention,
Reasons for hypertension
102  cards
Rotations 2
Ante mortem inspection at what po...,
What are some roles of the on sit...,
Level of food safety risk rate me...
44  cards
Mareks disease what birds affecte...,
Lymphoid leucosis what age clinic...,
List some immunosuppressive condi...
78  cards
Dog and cat hr rr temp,
What is saturated vapor pressure ...,
What are the 2 things that affect...
80  cards
Features of highly fertile beef h...,
Heifer critical mating weight wha...,
Heifer weaning when to wean and h...
60  cards
Dog and Cat 1
What type of breeders are dogs wh...,
Prooestrus of dogs average durati...,
Placental take over of production...
100  cards
Dog and Cat 2
Skin infections causes what are t...,
List 4 reasons dogs have a higher...,
List 6 reasons dogs get skin infe...
101  cards
Dog and Cat 3
What is the pathogensis of canine...,
What are 5 factors that contribut...,
What are the 5 components of atopy
99  cards
Dogs and Cats 4
Management with behavioral proble...,
Describe 3 main behaviour modific...,
What are the 2 main medications a...
112  cards
Dog and Cat 5
What are the 7 main steps in inve...,
History for lameness exam what is...,
What is involved in visual assess...
100  cards
Dogs and Cat 6
Fracture reduction direct and ind...,
Internal fixation goal and advant...,
Areamoment of inertia for interna...
101  cards
Dog and Cat 7
Hereditability index for elbow dy...,
What is involved with the radiogr...,
Hip dysplasia what is it cause br...
101  cards
Dog and Cat 8
Carpus arthrodesis how common ind...,
Pancarpal arthrodesis what use,
Partial carpal arthrodesis what i...
101  cards
Dog and Cat 9
Diagnostic investigation round 1 ...,
Diagnostic investigation round 2 ...,
Diagnostic investigation round 3 ...
100  cards
Dog and Cat 10
Canine infectious respiratory dis...,
Canine infectious respiratory dis...,
Canine infectious respiratory dis...
100  cards
Dog and Cat 11
Congestive heart failure clinical...,
Congestive heart failure what are...,
Left sided congestive heart failu...
88  cards
Dogs and Cats 12
Regurgitation what results from a...,
What are 3 important questions to...,
What are the 5 afferent pathways ...
101  cards
dogs and cats 13
Diffusion barriers sucralfate whe...,
Histamine h2 receptors anatagnois...,
Proton pump inhibitor action 2 ma...
100  cards
cats and dogs 14
What are the 13 steps in insertio...,
Gastrostomy g tubes what used for...,
Gastrostomy g tube advantages and...
103  cards
Cats and dogs 15
What to do with a sick dog chroni...,
What approach for chronic si diar...,
What is the role of the li
100  cards
Dogs and Cats 16
Pathogenesis of periodontal disea...,
What are the first 4 steps in the...,
What are the 2 steps after gingiv...
102  cards
Dogs and Cats 17
What are the 3 components of haem...,
Primary haemostatic defects what ...,
Secondary haemostatic defects wha...
101  cards
Dogs and Cats 18
What are some causes of liver bio...,
Haematology and diagnostic imagin...,
Fna cytology in investigation of ...
83  cards
Dogs and Cats 19
Abnormal urination important hist...,
Abnormal urination what are the 3...,
Dog urinary incontinence what is ...
101  cards
Dogs and Cats 20
Insulin where is it produces and ...,
Define diabetes mellitus and the ...,
What are the 6 main predispositio...
100  cards
Dogs and Cats 21
Renal proteinuria what are the ma...,
When to suspect glomerulopathes a...,
Glomerular disease primary and se...
100  cards
Dogs and Cats 22
General history of a blocked cat ...,
Talking to owners with a blocked ...,
Is azotaemia prognostic use for a...
100  cards
Dogs and Cats 23
A v blocks what are the 3 degrees...,
Approach to a v blocks what need ...,
A v block when to determine wheth...
100  cards
Dogs and Cats 24
Discospondylitis what is it main ...,
Discospondylitis signalment locat...,
Discospondylitis diagnosis
100  cards
Dogs and cats 25
Brainstem syndrome which side are...,
Neurological examination what see...,
Where is the lesion 1 if head til...
100  cards
Dogs and Cats 26
Medical therapy for feline hypert...,
Medical therapy for feline hypert...,
Drug side effects of medical ther...
102  cards
Dogs and Cat 27
Clinical signs of separation anxi...,
What are some important history p...,
When presented with a case that l...
99  cards
Cattle 4
Coxo femoral luxation hip disloca...,
Sacro iliac luxation clinical pre...,
Paralysis what do most result in ...
36  cards
Cattle 1
What is the relationship between ...,
What are 2 common exotic disease ...,
List the 13 main exotic diseases ...
99  cards
Cattle 2
Rda what is it 2 main types with ...,
What are the typical clinical sig...,
Right displaced abomasum cause an...
100  cards

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