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Which conditions does acs refer to,
What is the gold standard investi...,
A stemi can be defined as
103  cards
Emergency Contraception
What are the names of the two pil...,
Which morning after pills needs t...,
Which morning after pill needs to...
19  cards
Hand And Wrist Examination
Components of look in hand and wr...,
Components of feel in hand and wr...,
Components of move in the hand an...
14  cards
Haemophilia a b have which inheri...,
Is haemophilia a or b more common,
Haemophilia a is a deficiency of ...
133  cards
What are the three major characte...,
What is the difference between at...,
Which immunoglobulin is associate...
79  cards
Gastro + HPB
Triad of symptoms associated with...,
Cullens sign,
Grey turners sign
54  cards
Pre renal causes of aki,
Intrinsic causes of aki,
Post renal causes of aki
81  cards
Electrolyte abnormalities
Symptoms of hyperkalaemia,
Ecg changes of hyperkalaemia,
Causes of hyperkalaemia
16  cards
ECG leads and territories
Inferior leads on ecg,
Lateral leads on ecg,
Septal leads on ecg
7  cards
Heart Murmurs
Systolic murmurs,
Diastolic murmurs,
Describe how you grade a murmur
18  cards
Preterm labour is weeks,
Post term labour is weeks,
How can you work out estimated de...
256  cards
What is meant by a pathological f...,
How many points are allocated to ...,
Describe gcs assessment of eyes
87  cards
Arthritis is chronic if it lasts ...,
What are the 7 seropositive cause...,
What are the 4 seronegative cause...
46  cards
What is included in breast triple...,
How is each aspect of the breast ...,
What is the main risk factor for ...
40  cards
Describe the changes to fetal cir...,
Causes of congenital heart defects,
Which direction is the shunt in a...
107  cards
What are the 3 core symptoms of d...,
Cognitive symptoms of depression,
Functional symptoms of depression
128  cards
Guillain barre syndrome presents ...,
Pathogens associated with guillai...,
Non infectious triggers for guill...
76  cards
Neurology Examination
What is involved in testing the c...,
Shoulder abduction nerve root,
Elbow flexion nerve root
22  cards
Cranial Nerves
Cn i,
Cn ii,
Cn iii
28  cards
Risk factors for otitis externa,
Clinical features of otitis externa,
Possible complications of acute o...
103  cards
When do you need to apply more sp...,
How long after sex do you need to...,
What is the max length of time yo...
56  cards
How do you record the results of ...,
What do you do if a patient cant ...,
How do you examine the macula dur...
145  cards
Ageing and Complex Health
What tool can be used to estimate...,
Treatment for osteoporosis,
Risk factors for osteoporosis
119  cards
What skin condition can steroids ...,
What skin condition can immunosup...,
What is tinea corporis
89  cards
3 most common cancers in men,
3 most common cancers in women,
Which cancers have a chance of be...
85  cards
What is the start back tool used for,
After how long do sciatica sympto...,
At what vertebral level does the ...
57  cards
Rheumatology Antibodies
Most common positive antibody in sle,
Most specific positive antibody i...,
Most specific antibody for ra
11  cards
Cervical Screening
When is cervical screening offered,
In what circumstances should smea...,
How long before a smear should wo...
20  cards
Chlamydia organism,
Diagnosis of chlamydia,
When is the ideal time to carry o...
31  cards
Vaccination Schedule
Which immunisations are given at ...,
What is included in the 6 in 1 va...,
Which immunisations are given at ...
12  cards
Developmental Milestones
When should a baby be able to fix...,
When should a baby be able to smile,
When should a baby be able to sup...
36  cards
Revision Topics
Age of premature menopause,
Who should be offered a dexa scan...,
Conservative management of menopause
174  cards

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